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Hello 3CB

I hope you are all well, its been a little while since we updated our blog! Some things have changed in our world and some things have stayed the same!

Most of you are still staying safe at home, we all miss you very much and wish we could be back together again.

Some of you are in school as your parents are keyworkers and have been joined by children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6! This means that myself and Miss Cushnie are now teaching in a “bubble!” Miss Cushnie is teaching Year 1 with Mrs Drew and I am with Year 4 keyworkers and Mrs Boulton. With some of your siblings returning to school it does mean I get a wave from some of you as you go by to drop them off!


Even though we are not in our class, we are still thinking of you and you are still our 3CB! Please keep sending both myself and Miss Cushnie the wonderful photos of all your learning and other activities you are doing. We love seeing your faces! Mrs Huggins is there for you too, she will answer any questions about the learning set.


Take care and lots of love

Miss Buckland

Some pictures from my weekend walks!








Good afternoon 3CB,


I hope you're all well and behaving yourselves! I can't believe we are already on to Week 7, the final week of Summer 1... tell you what these weeks are zooming by!

I haven't been up to a lot recently, I have been out for a few walks around the park very close to where we live and am trying to enjoy the lovely weather. I have been at school a lot of the time which makes me miss you all loads!!


My Mum bought me a bunch of my favourite flowers last week... peonies! The picture below is them on their last legs really.... but I can't bring myself to throw them away they're such a gorgeous colour!

I've been trying to eat more fruit recently and have decided the easiest way to do this is by making fruit smoothies!! I bought myself a smoothie maker and have been replacing my morning coffee before leaving for work with a morning smoothie... I feel so fancy! My favourite flavour so far has got to be - bannana and mango!

I hope you're all having a good week, you've all been working so so hard, especially with the Maths recently - fractions are tricky but please don't worry as when we are all back in school we recap and go through it.


I look forward to hearing from you all soon, keep safe and be good.


Lots of love, Miss Cushnie x

Hi 3CB,


Congratulation! Our class came 6th in the Surrey maths contest on Sumdog! (virtual high five!)laugh


I can’t believe it is May already! I hope you are all okay and keeping yourselves busy at home. We have had some lovely learning sent in this week.  The photos of all your fantastic fraction work made me smile, you guys owned those fractions!

Olivia made my mouth water with a photo of her yummy Roman rocky road. I wonder if you have any left!

Ella has been busy planting seeds, remember to water them! I am terrible at remembering to water my plants. My mum has even been known to remind me by text!

William’s power point about Andy Murray taught me lots of things I didn’t know about him. Lots of great computing skills too William.

This week I have been into school and taught in the Infants, it was lots of fun! Miss Cushnie and I spent some time looking through your English and maths books, it was so lovely to see all the progress you have made since September last year. We were very proud teachers!

At home I have the baking bug! My boys wanted to make some cookies to thank the Bin men for working and then I made some Victoria sandwich slices!

I have also enjoyed showing my boys all the Toy story movies! I am a big fan of Forky!




Hope you have a lovely week and I’ll catch up again soon.

Stay safe

Love Miss Buckland




Dear 3CB


Gosh! How I’m missing you guys!


I have, literally, had one of the best days ever …. I’ve been sitting indoors to stay dry but I’ve been online and accessed the Year 3 Showcase link.  You have excelled yourselves with your home learning … I am so impressed! 


The rain this week is dull but, I’m told, it’s good for the garden. 



You’ve got such a treat in store …. We’re learning about the Romans now!  I was lucky enough to teach some of the history last year and absolutely loved those ‘rascal Romans’.  I wonder if any of you will present your work with a clever power point using alliteration and snappy sub headings?


I’ve been keeping busy and managed to bake cakes and enjoy the sunshine with my pets.  




Don’t forget to look out for the bedtime stories.  I hope you’re enjoying them?

Also, Bananas, Miss Buckland and I had lots of fun last Friday in school …. Hopefully, Bananas has been able to upload his blog for you to see?  I don’t want to say too much – but I believe he had lunch with a VIP! Lots of love

Mrs Drew xxx




Bananas wants to say Hi!

Still image for this video
Check out what Bananas has been up to.

26th April 2020

Hello 3CB,


How are you all? I hope you're all well and having a good time at home with your families! It's my turn to fill you in on what I've been getting up to over the past few weeks..!

I have to say Miss Meech actually inspired me to dig out my crochet hook this week! Mrs Farris taught me how to crochet last year and I am now the Queen of crocheting triangles..! (That's all I've been able to manage so far) So I decided to have a go at crocheting some bunting for my house. What do you think? I was pretty limited on the colours I could choose as this is all I had lying around, I think I need to choose some nice ribbon to attach them all together now!

After seeing some of your Roman Rocky Roads that you have been making, I thought I would have a go at some baking too... I needed to use up some very ripe bananas so I made some banana cake. My first attempt it wasn't too bad but I got pretty distracted half way through as we had a naughty visitor to our bird feeder that is just outside our kitchen window!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready and raring to get back into learning! I want to say a  huge thank you to you all for sending over pictures of all the super learning and activities that you have been doing at home, we miss you so much so seeing you having fun at home is great! Rosa sent over a video of her doing a cool science experiment and Dylan sent over a video of him doing his own version of a weekly blog update..! I also received a beautiful sound recording of Molly singing a lovely song!

I hope you have a fab week. Speak soon, stay well & can't wait to see you soon.


Love Miss Cushnie xx

Hello 3CB laugh


I hope you are all ok and enjoying the weather we are having!

I am enjoying spending time at home with Elodie (my daughter), cuddling my dogs and going on lovely walks. I am also lucky to still speak to Ella every day when I teach her via zoom! I hope you are all enjoying your learning at home and hopefully we will all be back together again soon.


Lots of love,


Mrs Buckland x


17th April 2020 - Miss Buckland

Still image for this video
A little look inside Miss Buckland's house!

Miss Cushnie weekly update 10.04.2020

Featuring The Happy New by Emily Coxhead!



How are you guys doing? I hope you are all fit and well.

Well it seems strange not seeing you all everyday but I have loved seeing all the learning you have sent to Miss Cushnie. I loved Daisy’s drawing of my favourite animal and Bonnie’s milk carton elephants have inspired me to make them with my boys! Immie, your poem about candle light “standing tall like a soldier” was amazing - does anyone know what this is an example of? There were lots more lovely emails and please keep sending them in and making us both smile. We would love to see some of the things you get up to in the Easter break!


I’ve been keeping busy answering emails and planning work. I’ve been into school to teach as well! I have tried to do Joe Wicks every morning, my whole family did dress up Friday! Did you?

I was the Easter Bunny! Isaac was Bumblebee, Eli was Iron man and their Daddy was Darth Vader!


I am also trying to teach Isaac his lessons each day, I have to tell you, I would rather teach all 29 of you! We have done “Forest School” in our garden which was fun. We made running water and lots of tree sculptures! We even had a new visitor one evening!




Mrs Drew wanted me to tell you she misses you all very much, she has also been into school to help out. Mrs Drew has been on her daily exercise with her family and beautiful dogs. You can just see Mr Drew in the background behind Ella and Baz! Olivia, do you recognise the flowers!


I hope you have a lovely Easter break, have fun with your families. Hopefully you can get out into the garden or have a nice walk in your local area. 

Take care, we miss you loads xxx




Hello 3CB,

Well what a week it's been.. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are beginning to adjust into this new, but temporary way of working and learning. I have been so impressed with all of your attitudes and hard work - hey, we're already one week closer to all being back together again! woohoo!


I have absolutely loved seeing all of your work that you have sent through and it really does make me smile when I see how hard you've all be working. I am loving all the gingerbread skeletons, they look incredible and all the beautiful still life paintings! I am also really impressed with all the amazing writing I've been sent, lots of you are using beautiful handwriting and really being adventurous with your word choices! It's been lovely to see so many rainbows in people's windows on my way into work, do you have a rainbow up? I think this week it is sunshines we need to be looking out for!


Being at school is not the same without you all but I have been keeping myself busy with lots of planning, reading emails, feeding the chickens and I have decided to decorate my spare bedroom. I'm going to turn it into a study! Ralph (the cat) has been very helpful... walking in all the paint, knocking over my coffee and refusing to move when I want to start painting..! I will show you a picture of the finished room when it's all done.


I'm so pleased that lots of you are joining in with Joe Wicks and his workouts, they are exhausting! I had to swap him out for some Gonoodle in the week as I was too puffed out for any more Spiderman lunges or kangaroo jumps!


Miss Buckland will be updating you on here this Friday so pop back to see what she has been up to! We miss you very much but are very proud with how well you are all dealing with working and learning at home. 


Can't wait to see more of your work later in the week. Lots of love, Miss Cushnie x

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