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A Message from Mrs Knight

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Hello 3J, Mrs Ellner here!


I started this school year with you and I wanted to make sure I was here with you as we finish the year!  I am looking forward to our show and tell, what are you going to bring?  A piece of work you are proud off?  A huge lego creation or some fantastic artwork?  I can't wait to see everything you have to show us all.


I have missed you all while we haven't been in school as normal.  I have been very busy though.  I have been in school every day which means I get to wave at some of you at lunch time!  I have also been trying to learn some new things while I have been at home, I have been...

  • baking - I have made a LOT of banana cake!  
  • reading as often as I can and discovering some new authors that I like
  • inspired by Miss Jordan and Alfie I am walking as much as I can and am finding lots of new places in Ashtead to explore.  I got caught in a downpour on the common last week and got soaked - look how wet I got!  
  • camping with my family, we cooked marshmallows over the campfire and told ghost stories, it was lots of fun!
  • visiting the beach, we have paddled, seen kite surfers and eaten a lot of fish and chips!

I can't wait to hear your news online this week and see you back at school in September.


Lots of love, Mrs Ellner


A message from Miss Jordan!

Hello 3J!

Friday 19th June 2020


Hello 3J explorers,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, exploring the jungle and list poetry in English and learning all about perimeter in maths.

I have already received some FANTASTIC poetry laugh Check out the videos below.

Wonderful poems, read and performed beautifully! Please send me yours if you haven't already or if you haven't quite finished maybe these will inspire you!

Have a lovely weekend and I hope you stay dry.

Sending lots of love!

Miss Jordan

Fabulous Jungle Poems by Aemilius, Dulcie, Harry and Aaron!

Youssef's Awesome List Poem

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Oliver's Fab List Poem!

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Oliver reads his awesome '10 Things in an Explorers Rucksack! I love his original ideas and use of props to give his performance that bit extra! :)
Well good things come to those who wait...I am very pleased to present some incredible poetry from our first poetry week! I think you will agree the poems and the performances are inspiring! laugh

Aaron Amazing Acrostic Jungle Poem!

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Aaron was one step ahead of us and recorded this AMAZING performance of his jungle poem with help from his brother Dylan! It's award worthy!

Grace's Gorgeous Guinea Pig Poem

Grace reads her awesome poem with such lovely expression too...I can't help but feel sorry for the guinea pigs though!!!

Evelyn's Creative Poetry Reading

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Evelyn's wonderful reading of the poem Two Baby Owls, by Ada Clark. I am sure you aren't surprised Evelyn chose a poem about owls! She loves them and I love this performance, I am sure you will too!!!

A Message from Miss Jordan...sorry it's late!

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Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello 3J,


Happy last day of half term! I can't believe we are already half way through the Summer term! What a strange time it is - but I couldn't be prouder of the amazing attitudes you have had towards your home learning. I have blown away by the work that has been rolling into my email inbox each week!


This week has been a great one, hopefully you enjoyed the poetry work, final week of fractions and our Roman Day! It was lovely to see so many of you at the 3J Roman Quiz too! 3J came 2nd in the big TTRocks battle for the first half term - well done to 3H who played very well and beat us on points! I will let your work speak for me, starting with Oliver L's reading of his favourite peom Strict by Michael Rosen. Over the weekend I will be creating a 3J showcase for this week to share some of the amazing poetry, maths work and some award worthy performances - there are so many to share I need to find a new app to cut them all together smiley! Check in again on Tuesday!


Have an amazing half term break, stay safe, relax, have fun and enjoy the sunshine!




Miss Jordan and Alfie!

Oliver L reads Strict by Michael Rosen

Enjoy Oliver reading his favourite poem with amazing expression! He has inspired me to be a stricter teacher when we return to class!!! Hahaha

Lily's Lovely Story

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Oliver L's Awesome Story

Friday 15th May 2020


Bonjour 3J!


I hope you have had a great week. It's been lovely to see your work and to catch up with some of you on Zoom. I will be planning a Class Zoom next week and Mrs Knight is excited to join us too smiley


Since my last message we have found out we may not be in school for a while longer. Although we all are missing school and seeing our friends and family, we know we need to keep safe. So I ask you this...keep smiling, laughing and enjoying time with your family. Keep in touch, I love seeing your work photos and messages. Keep playing, don't spend all your time indoors or staring at a screen. The sun is shining, go out when you can and enjoy it (remember your sunglasses, hat and sun cream smiley). 



Alfie and I went on a nature hunt! Maybe you can go out and see what has popped up thanks to the sunny weather. Here is some of the interesting things I found, the duck and her 12 ducklings were my favourite! Send me what you find!



I have had fantastic times tables results. Whether it's your weekly 20 times tables or 72/144 Club. This week saw another TT Rockstars Battle 3J vs 3CB check out our Times Tables Zone for the results!!! Oliver B has always wow'ed us with his times tables skills in class and he has proven himself a true times tables ninja after completing all the times tables up to 12 and joined the 144 club again in 4 minutes and 48 seconds and came 17th in the whole of Surrey on Sumdog! Well done Oliver B!!! Keep practising everyone, you are all times tables ninja's!




After resting his voice for a while, Alfie has left you another little message. He has loved learning about fractions and apostrophes by looking at your work. In his case it is the dog's bowl as he is the only dog and he is very happy about that - Alfie doesn't share food!!!


I am also very pleased to include some more fantastic videos. Oliver L reading his story. I think you will agree it is wonderful and packed full of wonderful description. If you have any work or top tips to share with our class, please send it to me.


Have a fantastic weekend.



Miss Jordan 



A Message from Alfie

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Tuesday 12th May 2020


Hello 3J,


I hope you have had a great start to the week.


From talking to you and your parents, something we are all missing is all the idea sharing we do in class. I would love for this wall to be full of messages not only from me, Mrs Knight and Alfie but you guys too! If you have an amazing story or piece of writing you would like to share or any top tips for maths (fractions has been a real challenge!) I'd love you to send me a video! Below, I have included two videos from Sofia and Edward who read the start of their stories from our adventure writing weeks. They may inspire you to start writing a story of your own or give you ideas you can magpie for your next story! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! smiley Plus a fractions video with a little suprise at the case you didn't see it in the Year 3 showcase!



Sofia's Super Story

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Edward's Excellent Story Opening

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Oliver B's Fractions

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Thursday 7th May 2020


Hello 3J,


I hope you have all had a wonderful week!


Tomorrow is bank holiday Friday! It is also Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, which marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. You may already be displaying some bunting or have a 'social distancing street party' in your road as a tribute to our VE Day heroes or a picnic in the garden or in your home! It's a great time to learn about the World War II, ask grown ups, go online or you may have a book at home. Whatever you do I hope you have an amazing long weekend, enjoy the lovely weather when you can - and stay safe while doing it! laugh If you would like to relax and do some colouring you may want to look at the lovely mindfulness colouring in our Friday folder (click on the word in brown to go straight there!) or you may colour your own Union Jacks to make your own bunting/poster!


Sunday is also a special day, as many of you know our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will be addressing the nation and telling us how things will be changing in the coming months. Things will not be completely normal for a while and the governments job is to ensure we all stay safe and well. Whatever happens we will make sure we are here to support you. Please keep sending in your work and photos and any questions you have. If you get a bit stuck please just ask me.


Maths was challenging this week, fractions can be tricky! But remember we only want you to try your hardest, you don;t have to complete all three challenges - unless you want to of course! Any practise with your times tables and division will help you so much when finding fractions of a number - after all you 'divide by the bottom (denominator) and times by the top (numerator)! So keep practising, remember to visit the times tables zone for 144/72 club tests, weekly times tables sheets and our TT Rockstars battle updates! Last week, we were defeated by 3H in our TTRockstars battle. This week we are battling 3CB and there is still time to play and win the battle! smiley Like our VE day heroes lets be victorious!


Have a fantastic weekend. I can't wait to hear from you all next week.


Miss Jordan (and Alfie!)




A Message From Miss Jordan

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1st May 2020

My 'puzzling' week:



My top puzzle tips!

Start by sorting all the pieces - it takes a long time but really helps!

Next build the edges.

Then concentrate on certain areas! 


I love to have a little sing song to our class song 'Try Everything' by Shakira! Remember to try everything, try new things while we have this time, don't give up and don't give in, try it even if you 'fail', try again! smiley If you want to send me a video of your singing our class song that would be great! Warm up your la la la laaaaaa...

Zootopia - Try Everything (Lyrics, Shakira)

Enjoy a sing along and listen closely to the lyrics!

Friday 24th April 2020


Hi 3J,


Happy Summer Term! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holiday and enjoyed some of the beautiful sunshine we were blessed with! It's amazing how beautiful everything looks when the sun shines down on it. It has been lovely to hear from so many of you and to find out what you did over Easter and during our first week back at school - remember, it is still school even if it is at home! laugh


I tried to keep up with Joe Wicks every day of the holiday - especially after all the Easter eggs! But I will admit I missed a couple, but now we are back in school time I will be joining you daily from school or my front room, let me know if you are still joining in (I'd love to see your Fancy Dress Friday outfits too - I am working through the Disney Princess costumes!) or if you are doing some other PE lessons/exercise as it'd be great to share ideas with the class.




I spent some of the holidays working very hard with the other teachers to make sure we have plenty of fun and exciting learning ready for you. Have you seen our new 'Times Tables zone' (3J we are battling 3H on Times Table Rockstars this week, get online, we will be the champions again! Plus it helps with our times tables of course!) I know lots of you have started the amazing projects in our 'Foundation Projects folder', there are awesome Art, History and Science activities for you do do over this half term.


I also had some time to myself over the Easter break and used it to explore the beautiful places surrounding where I live. We are so lucky to have such stunning open spaces. Alfie and I discovered new paths, ponds and met some some new friends (of all species) along the way. We have seen red kites, a heron, geese, lots of ducks, a friendly fox and a wood pecker! Let me know if you discover anywhere new and exciting or spot any exciting wildlife. Alfie isn't too fond of not being able to play with other dogs and I am sure you'd love to play with your friends too, but we know we just need to keep safe for now and we will be back together soon. smiley




I can't wait to see your work this week. Please email me and say hello or ask me any questions!



Miss Jordan and Alfie x


A message from Alfie - 19th April 2020

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Hello 3J!

I hope you have had a great Easter break! Alfie wanted to send you a little message as he has learnt a new skill...

I look forward to hearing from you all next week and seeing what you have been up to over the Easter break and in our first week of the summer term!

Miss Jordan x

19th April 2020


Bonjour 3J!
How are you all?! I hope you are all managing to do some school work as well as having lots of fun!
My cat Humphrey is enjoying having lots of extra strokes and cuddles,however, when he is happy, he dribbles...and he dribbles on me lots now I’m spending more time at home...yuk!
I’m trying to keep fit as I ate too many choccie Easter eggs so I have a bounce on the trampoline and puff myself out by skipping like crazy with my new skipping rope.
Have any of you read any great books you can tell me about? I’m reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl  with my son Harry at bed time’s great but my favourite Roald Dahl books have got to be The Twits and The Witches.

I miss you all and look forward to when we see each other again!
Maybe some of you will have fancy home haircuts...I had a little ‘accident’ with my Harry’s hair and shaved too much off! Joe and Rosie won’t let me do their hair ...I wonder why?!

Take care my lovelies, be good, sing, dance, draw, paint, play, read, read and read .
Lots of love
Mrs Knight xxx


I almost forgot, Mr Fox in Socks is still visiting my house every evening! smiley



Hello 3J,

Sorry I am late, I have fought a mighty battle with my internet this weekend. I believe I have now won! A small computing lesson for you: if something stops working switch it off for 60 seconds and then back on again laugh

Thank you all again, for all your amazing work, photos and messages the past two weeks. I hope you now have some time to rest during the Easter Holidays. Remember, school starts again in 2 weeks and we have lots of exciting things for you to have a go at while we are all learning from home! Well done to everyone who made it into the 144/72 club! I saw some great times tables tests and spellings results too, proving practise and perseverance pay off! 


Alfie and I had a great week last week, we went in to school to work with our key worker children, whose parents are doing an amazing job working to keep us safe and well. We had a blast completing the home learning challenges as well as big art, cycling, dance, yoga and woodland walk activities, which includes, making log dogs, dream catchers and tree spirits! We also laughed a lot on Joe Wicks' (aka Spiderman) fancy dress Friday, I finally got to wear my Queen of Hearts Dress!

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!


Miss Jordan


Bonjour 3J,

Yes, I speak French too - just ask Katie when we are back at school smiley

I had a lovely week last week. I learnt all about place value and subordinating conjunctions and clauses from your classmates and we even joined in with some of the Year 4 learning as they are in the same classroom! I played ball with Ollie CB and lots of the children walked me around the Woodland Walk and the playground. I was so exhausted I snuck into Mr Depree's office for a little break, he didn't seem to mind. The best thing though, was that Mr Dudley gave me a biscuit! I love food soooo much. 

Have a lovely Easter, don't eat too many Easter eggs - I am not allowed chocolate sad! But it's OK as Miss Jordan bought me some doggie chocolate as a reward for being such a good 'student' at school.

Love and tail wags


PS: I think the crown suits me better! Don't you agree?




Hi 3J!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are over a week closer to being back together again! I have loved seeing all your wonderful work and the amazing things you have been getting up to. On top of all the maths, English, spellings, times tables and reading, I have seen lots of beautiful artwork, music lessons, Lego creations , mouth watering baking and cooking and so much more! You are all doing an amazing job (and your new home teachers too!)


I am glad to hear so many of you joined in with the 9 o’clock PE lessons with Joe Wicks. I already feel healthier, now my legs have stopped aching!

It has been fabulous to see your spellings and times tables results too, it is clear you have been practising! Well done to everyone who has joined the 144 club—hopefully I have sent out all of your certificates (please ask an adult to email me if not - I may have missed it in the sea of awesome work I have been sent)! If you aren't in the 72/144 club yet, just keep practising your times tables and you will watch your score get better every week. 


Alfie and I have had a good week enjoying the lovely sunshine on our walks (and the blizzard on Sunday!) He is very happy to be starting ‘school’ and below is a picture of him on his first day teaching with someone you may recognise - you also might recognise the song on the board too! Mr Depree sent him the behaviour policy (rules), which includes not chasing the chickens! He was very good and enjoyed meeting our some of our Greville family and hearing children read to him and very much hopes one day he will be able to visit when we are all back at school!


Keep working hard and having fun! I can’t wait to see more photos and videos of your work and all the other wonderful things you are doing at home.

Check in again on Friday, have a lovely week.

Miss Jordan

(Alfie has written you a note below...)




Hi 3J,

I love having Miss Jordan at home all to myself but she keeps telling me how much she misses you and the rest of the Greville family! I am getting extra tummy tickles, cuddles and walks and am looking after Alfie 3 and 4, thankfully they are house trained. I will keep you up to date on my adventures and will be joining in on the bedtime stories so please do join us for them each week. As my mum (Miss Jordan) is a keyworker, I am going into school with her this week and can’t wait to meet some of your classmates and other Greville children. I have heard so much about you all —don’t worry I will try and visit when you are all back at school too!

Have a great week! I will make sure I give you regular ‘pupdates’ so do check this blog!



PS: I wasn’t happy as I had to have a bath before my first day at school—but hygiene is very important! I did look rather handsome though after my blow dry (see pictures below laugh)


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