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Monday 22nd June


Hello  3M,


Just a quick little update from me today, what a busy couple of week’s it’s been! They seem to fly by at the moment. It has been lovely to catch up with so many of you on Zoom over the last two weeks, hear about all the amazing things you’ve been doing and to listen to some fabulous reading.


I’ve also heard brilliant things and seen brilliant work from our classmates who are now back in school too. It’s been a little while since we’ve got together as a class so this Thursday at 4pm we’ll have another class zoom call! This time round, instead of doing a quiz we’ll do a whole class show and tell! You can choose one item and you’ll have one minute to tell us all about it. It’ll be an exercise in taking turns and listening but that’s all good practise I think! Hope to see you there J


I want to help you start your Monday morning with a little boost of positivity. Click the link to enjoy a fantastically happy project which brightened my day no end when it was sent to me last week. Keep an eye out for a familiar face and enjoy!!

Have a great week!


Miss Meech

Homeskool Beatbox Allstars - Make Somebody Smile (mass charity music video for our NHS)

Friday 5th June


Hello 3M,


I don’t think I could start this blog post in any way except to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for my amazing birthday surprises! I was honestly so shocked when so many of you appeared on Zoom and by the lovely delivery of cake and flowers. I am just blown away by the kindness and effort you went to with Mrs Palmer to celebrate with me. My heart is so full and I have the biggest smile on my face even now as I write this.


I wish I could have shared it with you all so for those of you who haven’t seen it here’s a picture of the delicious cake I’ve been able to share with my family and just look at how beautifully the flowers have bloomed! 



















Huge kudos to everyone who made it into the 144 club this week. Paige, Emily and Emma, you’ve smashed it out of the park! I would love to send out some more Summer 2 certificates next week so remember to let me know if you manage it!


Together with all the birthday fun it’s been a very busy week. With children in certain year groups back at school it’s been a little bit different- I’ve even seen how some of your pals in 3J are getting on! I’ve seen amazing Pompeii posters, incredibly detailed drawings, lovely letters and super stories to give just a few fabulous examples. I’m also going to try really hard to update my blog weekly this half term so stay tuned J


I thought I’d end this blog by sharing a really lovely birthday gift I received. It’s called ‘a month of mindfulness’ and the idea is that you take a note out each day and do an activity which makes you stop and think and reflect. It’s a daily reminder to press pause and take time to think, instead of rushing from task to task, job to job. Today’s one says ‘Next time you watch a film try to think about how you become engrossed in the story. What emotions do you feel while watching and how do they change through the film?’ So if you’re watching a film this weekend maybe you can do the same as me. Take some time to relax, get lost in a story and enjoy!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Meech x

Monday 18th May


Hello 3M,


I am so proud of each and every one of you for continuing to work so hard at home and school. Seeing so many of you on Zoom over the last week has been a delightful reminder of how wonderful you all are and how much I hope that we will be reunited in school as soon as it is safe to be. Keep an eye out for details of a very special class zoom call later this week…


I was so so impressed by everyone’s efforts on the TTRS battles over the last few weeks. I had a cheeky check of the scores and if the winner was done just on points 3M would have come second!! You guys were awesome and I was so impressed by how many of you got involved each week. I know the final battle was very closely fought against 3H right down to the very last minute- well done to everyone involved in that last minute show down- you know who you are!


I have been wowed by the work I’ve seen over the last few weeks. To mention just a few,  Josh made a really clever stop motion video, Elodie’s been learning a song all about Roman numerals and Poppie and Kaya worked together to make mindfulness jars. It’s been lovely to hear about so many of you zooming friends to do your work together too! I think it’s a great idea J


I’ve been able to run much more over the last little while which has been amazing- I’ve been really enjoying getting outside and just running for the joy of it. Here’s a picture I took on my run the other day.

The light from the sun at the end of the day was just beautiful!










 I’ve also been doing some baking at the weekends to keep myself busy. I asked my Grandparents over Facetime what they would have if they could choose anything they wanted from the bakery. My Grandad chose Victoria Sponge and my Grannie chose palmiers! I’m glad I asked because I’ll be honest I didn’t even know what a palmier was! It turns out they're a sweet, spirally, pastry biscuit. I think my Grannie might have been trying to give me a job that would keep me as busy as possible… I had to learn how to make puff pastry and it turns out that takes a reeeeeally long time! Here are the finished results though; I had lots of fun working out how to make something I’d never heard of before!

<-- All ready for the oven!




Freshly baked and sprinkled

with icing sugar -->

















I hope you have a great week, I can’t wait to hear how you’re all getting on! I’m going to leave you with a message from Jessica. She has been working really hard learning about light and experimenting with shadows. I thought this was really clever, enjoy!


Hope to see you soon on Zoom,

Miss Meech x

Hi 3M,


I hope you are all well. Miss Meech has been letting me know all your news and how hard you are working. You are all doing AMAZINGLY. We are so impressed with you all.


 I have been keeping myself busy and have made sure that I am going for a walk every day. I have been very lucky to see some of you while I have been out and it is great to see your happy faces. This week my family and I had a crazy golf tournament in the garden. Sadly I wasn't the winner but we had a lovely time and a lot of laughs especially when the ball got stuck under the washing line!


I have also completed another jigsaw puzzle. It was quite tricky! Can you see why ?











I have really enjoyed my reading. What books have you enjoyed. Miss Meech and I were saying how much we are missing hearing you read. Miss Meech has suggested that we could use zoom to listen to you so if anyone fancies reading to us we would absolutely LOVE to hear you.


Take care of yourselves. See you soon


Mrs Palmer:-):-)

Friday 1st May


Happy Friday 3M,


Me again! I hope you’ve had a great week. I can’t believe we’ve now been at home for six weeks; I am missing you wonderful 3M people very much indeed and I know Mrs Palmer is too but I try to keep reminding myself that every day is a day closer to the world being well again. I have loved seeing all your work again this week- I am so proud of how well you're doing with fractions too. It's one of my absolute favourite maths topics ever... which has absolutely nothing to do with being able to compare them to pizza or chocolate bars at all...!


Well done to everyone who got into the 72 club this week! I’ve also seen some really great first attempts at the 144 club so I’ve been super impressed. I also want to say a massive well done on our first TTRS battle of this term. I was SO amazed by how many of you got involved and it was so very close with 3CB. I’m really proud of how the 3M score was shared between you guys. Our official ‘most valuable players’ were Emily, Kaya and Lennon! I’ll try and send out your certificates early next week. I wonder who I’ll get to send certificates to next week?!


I was thinking about what to write in my blog today about what I’d been up to and I have to admit I didn’t feel like I’d really done anything fun enough to share with you.  I sat for a fair while thinking about what to write but eventually I realised that meant I had a much more important message to share.


I always think it’s important to be honest because sometimes being honest can help someone else feel better or realise they’re not alone in feeling a certain way. Maybe you found English challenging this week, or you didn’t really fancy fractions? You weren’t alone. Perhaps I haven’t managed to reply to emails as quickly as I’d have liked (I’m sure I'm not the only person working from home feeling like that!) but I’m here to remind you (and myself!) that staying home like this is a little bit strange- so it’s okay to feel a bit strange sometimes too. We have to remind ourselves that this is temporary, we are not alone and everything will be okay J


So what have I done about it? Well, this evening I’ve decided to join a live Zumba class on Zoom and after I’ve had a dance and a jump around (and probably looked very silly!) I’m going to call a good friend of mine who lives far away for a catch up on Facetime! I do hope you’re finding fun alternative ways to stay in touch with people and stay entertained. I, for one, have never been so grateful for technology! 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and find fun ways to keep busy and positive! Stay safe, have fun and be kind.


Miss Meech x

Monday 27th April


Hello 3M,


I hope you’re all well and ready for week two of the summer term after a relaxing weekend. It has been an absolute joy to read your non-chronological reports over the weekend. I’ve had posters, PowerPoints, detailed diagrams and amazing drawings. Some have been funny, some have been serious but I’ve enjoyed every single one! I was even lucky enough to see pictures of your yummy Roman Rocky Road creations!


Well done to the people who got into the 72 club last week- Nellie, Ameira, Emma and Margot (I’m so sorry if I’ve missed anyone!) A huge well done to everyone that had a go! There’s a new section on the website now called The Times Table Zone- you’ll be able to find all the 72 club tests there and if you get into the 72 club this half term you can try getting into the 144 club as well!


I’m also really excited to tell you that I’ve set up a Times Table Rock Stars Battle tournament between all the Year Three classes! Each week for the next three weeks we’ll battle a different class and at the end there will be an ultimate champion class! Every week I’ll check the most valued players and I’ll post who they are in The Times Table Zone on a Friday! I’ve had a little look already and I’d like to give a big shout out to Kaya, Jessica, Thea, James, Emily, Zoya, Emma and Dylan who have all already been on- and that’s just today! Let’s see if we can beat 3CB!!


I’ve had a rather busy week as it was my sister’s birthday so I’ve been baking in my spare time. Luckily Catherine does lots of baking herself so I was able to cheekily borrow her things to make her cake!



On her birthday she got given a doughnut tin as a present so she made doughnuts and we had a doughnut decorating bake off- it was really fun! Which doughnut would you pick as the winner?!











I think I’ll close this blog with some of the amazing art work I’ve been sent recently. Sophie had a go at the illustration tutorials I suggested over Easter and Emily has made a start on the landscapes project in art. I think you’ll agree the results of both are absolutely amazing. I hope you enjoy these and have a brilliant week!




All the best,

Miss Meech x

Hello from Mrs Palmer!


Hi 3M,


I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter holidays. Did you get many Easter eggs and more importantly have you eaten them all?:-\ Miss Meech has been keeping me up to date on the wonderful activities you have been up to and I love receiving her news. I really miss you all and I can't wait till we are all together again.


I was lucky enough to go into school this Tuesday to help in class and I loved meeting up with a couple of the class. Like the rest of you they did their Maths, English and Joe Wick's workout. In the afternoon they could chose to do sport, Forest school or music but I know they must have been missing the rest of the class like I did. It wasn't the same without you and Miss Meech. 


I have been busy at home and have been messaging my friends and family. I have used Zoom to have a quiz with my family, WhatsApp'd, phoned and wrote letters like you did in class. I am so pleased that Miss Meech reminded me how much fun it is to receive or send a letter. Who have you been contacting? I know Miss Meech has loved receiving your messages. I have been speaking to Mrs Shadbolt every day and she is well and missing seeing you all.


This week I have finished a jigsaw puzzle. It was quite tricky especially when I temporarily lost one of the last pieces. Thankfully I found it hidden under the sofa :-) and was able to finish it. Phew!










I am still making sure I am reading lots. However, my cat Rodney keeps jumping on my lap which is a problem as he is so big that he keeps sitting in front of the pages demanding to be stroked!











Looking forward to catching up all your news and seeing all the things you have been up to.


From Mrs Palmer

Friday 17th April 2020


Happy Friday 3M!


I hope you’ve all had a great week filled with fun activities at home. It’s been a pleasure once again to see a few familiar faces whilst I’ve been out and about in Ashtead. I had some lovely Easter greetings too and these truly brightened my week. Thank you J


There was absolutely no expectation to email me anything over the Easter holidays but I just wanted to share with you some beautiful art work that Poppie sent me. I love the way each section is different but they’re still all part of the same piece of artwork- very clever.  I think it’s lovely to share ideas with each other through this blog- you never know who you might be inspiring when you send me your work in an email!












I’ve been busy getting ready for home learning to start again next week, but when I haven’t been planning I decided I wanted to use my time to learn a new skill. I’ve been learning to crochet! Luckily I’ve been able to text my Grannie for advice when I’ve been finding it tricky! She’s even learned to use facetime and zoom so the whole family can stay in touch! I do hope you’re finding ways to stay in touch with your loved ones too, we’re just so lucky to have the technology that allows us to do so! Here’s a new project I’ve started in the happiest, brightest colour I could find! Can you guess what it’s going to be yet?


















I’ve also been trying hard to take care of the beautiful orchid you gave me. It fits in so nicely with my little succulents on my window sill and I absolutely love the planter especially so a big belated thank you to all of you.









I hope you have a nice weekend and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you all next week. I just wanted to close this post with an interesting thought for the weekend. It helped me to reflect on how I can use my time at home positively and I hope it will help you to do the same.




















Keep smiling and stay safe.


Miss Meech x

Monday 13th April 2020


Hi 3M,


 I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter. We have been truly blessed with this weather- every day when I go out walking or running I try to take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area, surrounded by trees and footpaths to take us on adventures. I hope you’ve all been managing to enjoy the outdoors when you can! It’s been lovely to wave to a few familiar 3M faces whilst I’ve been out and about too; it has really brightened my day J  Wisley has been enjoying a spot of sunbathing in the great weather too!


A big 3M happy birthday to Esme, Annabelle, Nellie and Dylan who have their birthdays over Easter! I know it is a bit of a tricky time to have a birthday but even if things are a little different I’m sure they will still be fabulous. My sister (Miss Meech 2!) will be turning 18 next week so I’m trying to put together some decorations to make her birthday extra special even though she’s having to wait to have her party- just like I know lots of you are! We’re all in this together! Thank you to everyone who has sent me a balloon, they are looking lovely. Keep them coming please! The more balloons I have, the more positive wishes we’ll be able to send to people with birthdays whilst we’re at home. I’m also going to put together a positivity poster with all of them on for everyone who’s already had their birthday this year to enjoy too- I’ll wait until I’ve got a few more to make that though.


How are you getting on with PE with Joe? I’m still enjoying it and I even manged to do my first full press up last week (upper body strength is not something I have a lot of!) You all know Miss Meech loves a challenge and I’m always looking for fun exercise to do at home so if you’re doing something different and you think it’s great let me know and I’ll give it a go! I also took part in the Run for Heroes challenge over the Easter weekend which is raising money for our healthcare heroes working for the NHS- here I am looking a little tired but very happy after my 5km run!


















Anyway, I hope you are all feeling well rested after a break from home learning. I miss you all lots and look forward to getting back to school when this is all over. Enjoy a safe and relaxing second week of your Easter holidays and I look forward to hearing from you all soon. If you enjoyed reading this check back on Friday for another update!


All the best,

Miss Meech x



An update from Mrs Palmer!


Hi 3M,


Can I just say how much I have been missing you all but Miss Meech has been keeping me up to date on your home learning. You are being awesome! Keep it up!! She has also been showing all the other activities have been doing.  I have been SO impressed and you have inspired me! This is a couple of things I have done.


I have been doing lots of reading. I hope you are too.  Maybe you have a favourite book that you think I should read. If so,  maybe you could email Miss Meech and she will pass on your recommendations.


As well as reading, I have started doing cross stitch which is something I learnt at school when I was your age. My teacher would be so pleased that something she had taught me all those years ago is something I am still doing. Do you think you will do Miss Meech’s weaving when you are my age!? This is a picture of how far I have got with my cross stitch. Can you guess what it will be?


Missing you all. Hope you all have a super Easter.


Mrs Palmer

Blank Balloon Outline

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello 3M,


Well done on another fantastic week of home learning. I have been impressed once again by the quality of work I’ve received in your emails and the variety of different activities you’re all doing. Chloe’s been busy baking delicious cookies and Esme’s even been flower arranging. It really does give me so much joy to see all these wonderful talents you have.











Big shout out this week to everyone who’s managed to get into the 72 club: Noah, Zoya, Dylan, Emily, Jessica and Emma. (Sorry if I missed anyone!) I know there were lots of you who came really close so a big well done to you too- you’re nearly there! Jamie has done some fabulous watercolour painting and Emily has created amazing illustrations inspired by Harry Potter. Each week you all continue to blow me away with your talents and dedication to learning from home, so keep up the great work.











I’ve managed to keep up with Joe Wicks this week (just about!) I have rather achy legs now but I really enjoyed fancy dress Friday! Unfortunately, my fancy dress supplies are somewhat limited but here I am taking part this morning dressed as a bear! Safe to say the huge, fluffy onesie did not make spider man lunges any easier!! I hope lots of you are still enjoying PE with Joe- I’m glad he’s going to keep it up over Easter.













Now I know it’s technically going to be the Easter holidays over the next couple of weeks so there won’t be new work going on the website until 20th April but if you’re looking for something to do I’d like to ask a favour. It would be amazing if you could please create a drawing of a balloon. I’ve put a blank outline on this web page so you can print one or draw one of your own. All I’d like you to do is draw or write something that makes you happy in the balloon and then sign it from yourself. I’ve done my own as an example so you can see what I mean! When it’s finished and looking beautiful, take a picture and email it to me and later on all will become clear… I need as many as possible so please get involved if you can!

I hope you all have a restful, safe Easter break. There are so many great ideas out there for keeping ourselves entertained whilst we’re at home, but I’ll leave you with some of my favourites.

If you like Harry Potter you’ll love this website:

If you like drawing and illustration I’d recommend these video tutorials:

If you’re missing maths:  has lots of maths mysteries like the one we did with those cheeky elves at Christmas!

Love Miss Meech x

Friday 27th March

Hi 3M,


Welcome to our 3M blog!  This is my first blog post and I’ll be doing one at the end of every week from now on so look out for the next one on Friday. It has been so lovely to receive emails from you all filled with amazing work, exciting activities and even video presentations and science experiments! It has been truly wonderful to hear from you and I want to say a massive well done on your first week of home learning. You’ve done a fantastic job and you should all be really proud of yourselves for doing so well whilst we all adjust to a slightly different way of doing things for a bit.  


Big shout outs to Emma, Jessica and Poppie who have worked really hard on projects all about the skeleton. I’ve also seen some absolutely fabulous writing about the wolf with lots of fronted adverbials from Margot and Francesca. I’ve heard wonderful things about the great outdoors from Annabelle and Elodie, and I’ve seen amazing creations from Sonny and Esme. I’ve even read a very interesting and informative fact file about Humming Birds from Noah! And that’s only the beginning- thank you for working so hard- I can’t wait to see more this week!


I’ve had a great week too! Here’s Wisley, my cat, he’s been keeping me company whilst I think of ideas for home learning, make worksheets, and reply to your exciting emails.


Lots of you have told me you’re joining in with Joe Wicks every day…well so has Miss Meech! I’ve absolutely loved his workouts so far and I’ve challenged myself to join in every day- who’s with me? My favourite move has to be the kangaroo jumps- make sure you don’t drop your joey! Bonus points if you can spot Wisley snoozing in the background!


Hope you all have a great week! Check back here on Friday for another update J

Miss Meech x


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