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Thursday 21st May

Hello! I hope you have all had a good day today. I have started to get some of your stories and they are excellent! I look forward to reading more of them as you finish them off and edit them either today or tomorrow. Try not to rush the endings of your stories, they should be just as good as your starting paragraph. I hope you are having fun solving your maths mysteries?


We are coming close to the end of this half term now so you can all have a well-deserved break. Remember to look after yourselves and be kind to each other. Think about taking some time for a mindful activity: do some colouring, go for a walk, listen to music or read a book. It is okay to have worries about the changes going on but do try and take some time to relax when you can and talk about your thoughts with friends or family.

Have a good last day tomorrow,

Miss Gardiner

Tuesday 19th May

Hello! It was lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom chat yesterday. Just a reminder that there won’t be one next week as it is half term so you should all be relaxing and I will be writing your reports!


I hope that all of your stories are going well. You would have seen the WAGOLLs yesterday which gave lots of examples of good language, punctuation and ways to create an atmosphere. What atmospheres are you creating in your stories? I look forward to reading them all, it is nice for me when you use your own ideas because I get to read about 29 different magical words and exciting adventures that have a bit of unique personality in each one.


I am seeing more fantastic bridges that are incredible feats of engineering! I will put some pictures below for you to see. In other news, 6S have knocked us off of the SpellingShed leader board. They have an incredible 29,994,700 points!

I hope you are all being safe in the sunshine,

Miss Gardiner



Friday 15th May 2020

Hello! It is the end of SATs week! Congratulations on finishing all of you tests, I hope that you all had a great time doing them. Our main aim was to make you smile, I hope we achieved this? I have seen more of your answers to the reasoning questions today and they are so funny. You guys should write your own versions of the tests, for us! You have all worked so hard this year and we are so proud of you.


We had a great day making ministructures in school today though we did make a big mess in 4J. I have had a few pictures emailed to me of your structures and the ones I have had look great. I am hoping I will get more sent to me on Monday so that I can see how well you all did. It was interesting to see all of the different ideas that you all had.

It is meant to be a lovely, sunny weekend so I hope you get to enjoy it in your gardens or out on your walks. Stay safe and see you on Monday,

Miss Gardiner



Thursday 14th May

Hello! I hope you enjoyed your last SATs paper today. Some of your reasoning answers where hilarious, well done! We wanted to give you this experience but make it more fun and light-hearted as we know that this is such a strange and hard experience for you all. You have been amazing throughout!

I had a great time at boys’ choir today and saw Ashton there but no other 6G members, girls is it the same for choir? If you find the time next week, see if you can go along. Mrs Heywood shared her screen so we could follow the words easily and we played singing games. Do you know the one…. ‘Ring ring, someone’s calling your name…. there’s someone on the telephone’’? Well we pretended to call each other over Zoom and it was great!

I haven’t had many history projects yet. I am looking forward to reading them when you are done, I know I have an Egyptian one in the making, one about computer games and jam! I now know a lot of facts about jam that I didn’t before! Miss Wakeling told me a very interesting fact about Nintendo while we were researching yesterday. Did you know that Nintendo started out by making playing cards?!

Good luck building your ministructures tomorrow,

Miss Gardiner

Tuesday 12th May

Hello Sir and Madam! I hope you enjoyed the reading paper today and wore your hats the whole time! I popped into school today to do some work and checked to see how the reading paper was going but I laughed too much and had to leave. Did you confuse people at home with your Choo Choos?

It is the maths papers tomorrow and Thursday- good luck! In English you have some planning to do. I am looking forward to reading about your interesting characters and the detailed settings which lie beyond your magic door. Remember, your stories will be easier to write next week if you have detailed plans with new phrases, new vocabulary and clear plot ideas.

Thank you for your SATs breakfast pictures, I have made a collage of them on the SATs page but we haven’t got many from our class yet! I will try and take some pictures of the children in school to add to our collection.

I hope you are all well,

Miss Gardiner

Monday 11th May

Hello! I hope that you had lovely long weekends and enjoyed your VE Day celebrations. It was lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom chat this morning and talk about the week ahead. An interesting week this week as it should have been SATs week. I am sorry that we are not in school having SATs breakfast, making megastructures and chatting about how hard question 5 was! I have really enjoyed seeing your breakfast pictures and your reactions to the tests- I hope the spellings made you laugh! I have had some great emails with messages and videos letting me know well we tricked you 😊.

I went onto Spellingshed after our chat this morning to look at the scores you were telling me about and 6G are top of all of the tables. Well done everyone!

I have recorded a few chapters of our new book, Arsenic for tea, and put them in the folder above for you to listen to, if you want to. I have recorded lots this weekend so have them ready to add more regularly for you now.

Good luck with the rest of the tests this week- I hope you take them all much more seriously!

Have a great week,

Miss Gardiner

Thursday 7th May

Hello! Well done for completing another week of home learning. I have really enjoyed seeing your doors and the poems that have accompanied them. They have been full of beautiful language, clever rhymes and imaginative themes. The maths has been tricky too, today was especially hard, so well done everyone!

An update from my wildlife watch I thought I saw a snake yesterday! After a bit of research, I found out it was a slow worm which is actually classed as a legless lizard. Have any of you heard of it? I will attach a picture so you can see for yourselves… I may have screamed when I saw it! It was nice to hear about some of the birds and animals you guys have seen on your walks. Can you entice any into your garden/local green space by making homemade bird feeders or hedgehog homes?

It is VE Day tomorrow so you have no work set from me. It is nice to see that some of you have done a little research into the day as it is the 75th anniversary and a very interesting time in history. You might want to watch a short Newsround video or ask someone at home to tell you about the day. I hope that you have a lovely time with your family.

I look forward to seeing everyone that can come to our Zoom call on Monday. 10am see you then!

Miss Gardiner



Tuesday 5th May

Hello! I have been going on walks ‘after school’ during lockdown and exploring my local area (at a safe distance from others) and saw some strange and beautiful wildlife: a white peacock on a fence, a deer and a terrapin sitting on a log in the middle of a pond. Quite unbelievable, so I took some pictures to prove it! I challenge you to find some beautiful wildlife stranger than this! 

I have had more excellent doors sent to me today which I have uploaded into the slideshow under Monday’s post. Have a look through them, they might help you if you are having trouble thinking of ideas. If your door isn’t there please do email it to me as I would love to see it and share them with the class (unless you don’t want to share it with the class, which is fine, just let me know).

Have a great evening,

Miss Gardiner


Monday 4th May

Hello, thank you all so much for coming to the Zoom meeting this morning. It was a little crazy but hopefully it helped with your English work this week. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it. I have set up our meeting for next Monday at 10am where we can share some of our doors and poems! I will set up a slideshow of doors for you to guess the owner and add to it as I am sent more- two for you to guess today.

Thank you for all of the spelling test results and for those of you that have gone onto SpellingShed and completed our spelling list on there. It is reading record day! You don’t need to send me your reading record books but I still expect you to be reading. I have finished recording our book (as promised- sorry Hamish!) and have uploaded it into the folder. We have finished the book! I have ordered the next one and will let you know when it arrives. 

Have a great week,

Miss Gardiner

Friday 1st May


Another week full of amazing work- thank you all so much! I have had great fun seeing your shadow art and guessing what it is (I have attached Holly's so you can guess what they are). The salt art looks like great fun and the tinfoil sculptures too; I have attached Ashton's and Arabella's for you to see along with some work from Keira, Luke and Poppy. I have seen some fantastic islands, especially from Noah, Eddie and Keira. I have been sent lots of maths work too, there were some really challenging activities this week. Well done to you all for persevering. We came 12th in the Sumdog competition thanks to everyone who joined in (Hamish, Toby, Ellis, Izzy, Luke, Leo, Ashton, D’Arcy, Albie, Alivia and Star) and Ellis for reminding us.  

If you haven’t learnt your weekly spellings yet then you can go onto SpellingShed and play the game I have set up for you, it has our ten spellings. Holly, Eddie, Keira, Toby, Hamish and Ashton have already completed it with more than 90% correct!

I would like to say again how lovely it was to see so many of you on Zoom yesterday. If you missed it don’t worry you can come on Mondays to talk about the week ahead (if you would like to).

Meeting ID: 202 855 3279

Password: 6G

Have a great weekend,

Miss Gardiner

Thursday 30th April

Hello, it was lovely to see so many of you today on our Zoom chat! I am going to try and use it more often as I know some of us are finding it harder to keep motivated (and it is nice to see each other). I am still getting used to using Zoom so I am happy for you to suggest ideas to make our meetings run smoothly- sorry for muting you Luke!

As we agreed today, I have arranged another Zoom for Monday at 10am to talk about the English for the week. We can start by having a little chat but it will mainly be to discuss the work. You might not be able to be there as I know that you all have your own schedules, but I will be there every week at 10 if you want to come. The meeting information will be the same as today:

Meeting ID: 202 855 3279

Password: 6G

Please make sure you have permission to use Zoom and an adult knows that you are talking to us online.

Thank you for coming to say hi,

Miss Gardiner


Tuesday 28th April

Hello! Where has the sunshine gone? I hope you are all okay and are motivating yourselves despite the miserable weather.

A shout out from Ellis today: go on sumdog because the contest ends in two days and we need 4 more players for the team to get on the leader board. 


I did make a cake last Friday and it worked out quite well, (I don’t bake often) it is an Oreo cake with crushed Oreos around the side … it is a bit messy but I gave it a go!


I popped into school today so I was able to see some happy faces! Chloe asked about our class Zoom. Zoom is a free app that you can get on phones, tablets and computers but please get permission before you download anything. I have set up a meeting on Thursday at 2pm (so that 6G classmates in school can join us too). If you can come and say hi it would be amazing to see you! Then if it works we can have more…please spread the word!

To get into the 6G meeting you need:

Meeting ID: 202 855 3279

Password: 6G

I hope you are all well,

Miss Gardiner

Monday 27th April

Hello 6G!
For the last few weeks I have been busy helping Alex and Imogen with their home learning, it has been really fun choosing what to learn in the afternoons. The pictures of what you have been up to are brilliant and some have made me feeling very hungry. When I can source the ingredients, I am going to bake millionaire shortbread, I am looking forward to the new challenge and of course sampling the hard work.

As some of you may know Miss Gardiner inspired me with the knitting project she bought into school last term. I decided I wanted to try and knit something so just before school finished I started knitting a scarf for Imogen. It is going to take a while to finish but it is nice to have a continuous project that Imogen will enjoy next winter.

We have all really enjoyed seeing what you have learnt/ made so keep sending the pictures of what you have been doing.
Work hard, try your best and keep smiling.

Miss Wakeling


Friday 24th April

Hello! How has the first week of the Summer Term gone? I have had so many lovely emails this week; it was great to hear more about your Easters and the adventures you have had at home. So many different activities and many of you finding your 'awesome': puzzles, beautiful art work, gardening, Warhammer painting, cooking and so many more.

It is nice to see everyone getting back into the swing of things this week. I have received some excellent maths work (the Pentominoes were my favourite) and have started to see some English work too. We have timetabled some editing time next week so don’t worry if you haven’t finished- there is no rush. I am very excited to read some of your history projects (I had a great time writing my example) I have already read Holly’s which was about Nintendo… the best gaming company!

It was lovely seeing a few of you at boys’ choir yesterday, if you can make it to choir or boys’ choir next week it is good fun! A message from Mrs Heywood- if you haven’t already, she would love for you to log onto Yumu and have a go at some music work.

It is my fiancé's birthday tomorrow so I am going to try and make a cake this evening to surprise him. I’m hoping it will turn out as well as the ones you have been making, wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Gardiner

P.S. I have recorded more of our book for you to listen to- you will be able to find it in the folder above.

Thursday 23rd April

Hi 6G,

Miss Kern here again. My latest news is that my dog has wagged his tail so much having everyone around during isolation that he has actually sprained it! He has been given medicine for it, but we are trying not to talk to him as much as usual so that he hopefully wags less and doesn’t hurt himself any more. What a foolish dog I have!


I’ve been beating boredom by painting lots and reading in the garden when it’s sunny. I’ve finally finished ‘A pinch of magic’ which I borrowed from the bookshelf in the classroom. It was a great book and I recommend it to anyone that likes adventures and plots that have lots of twists. I’m not sure what to read next, so if anyone has any suggestions for me I would be really grateful.


Keep working hard and being amazing!

Miss Kern

Tuesday 21st April

Hello! It was quiz night for my family last night and we came second again! I was reminded of you guys when one of the rounds was guess the cartoon character. Can you guess this one and who I was reminded of? 


I hope that you are keeping in contact with your family and friends and are being kind online. Some classes are using Zoom to have class meetings. I'm sure we can arrange to have one soon so that we can all see each other and say hi.


Thank you for the work sent through today, I see that you have started to look at the WAGOLLs for our English stories and will start your plans next. Don't rush your writing, remember how important a good plan is! I am looking forward to reading your writing- whether you are writing your own or doing a retelling- the video makes me smile every time I watch it.


I hope you have had time to enjoy the sunshine today,

Miss Gardiner

Monday 20th April


I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break! We have been so lucky with the weather over the weeks; it is so nice to hear that you have been out for walks or cycle rides with your families.

First day of Summer Term, how strange! All of the work is on the website- I hope that you have found it and I can see from my emails that a lot of you have started already. Thank you for all of the pictures/work that is already coming through and I look forward to hearing from all of you over the week.

I have been into the Greville today so I was able to say hello to the children and adults in school which was lovely after my two-week isolation. I am all better now and ready for the first day of term, I hope you all are too. What are your goals for this term? Are you going to finish that book you started, get 10/10 in your spellings, get on with your siblings or just take a deep breath and try your best each day?

I hope you are all well and staying safe,

Miss Gardiner


Helping paint the new staff room:

Friday 3rd April

Hello! I hope you have all had a good last day of term.

Congratulations on winning your ttrockstars competition (our top scorers were: Luke, Faith, Holly, Alivia and Noah) and for remaining the top class in the school on spellingshed (well done Ashton). I also set a sumdog challenge- well done to everyone for completing that- the top five players in the class this week: Sam, Ellis, Leo, Hamish and D’Arcy.


Did you watch Mr Depree’s assembly today? If not, you can still catch it, the link and password is in the parentmail. He spoke about how we are going to have a ‘complete break from school work’ in the next two weeks and spend some time relaxing and finding your awesome! The story he read was lovely, all about kindness, loving yourself and cake. So, this Easter I hope that you have a well-deserved break, a lovely time with your family and lots of chocolate or a nice big slice of volcano cake!

Speak to you soon,

Miss Gardiner

P.S. If you see The Baby Shark in Ashtead say hello from me… but only in French!

Thursday 2nd March

Hi 6G,

Miss Kern here! I hope you are all okay and enjoying home learning. As you have seen, I’ve started my journey to becoming Tiktok famous and have created some comedy gold (if I do say so myself).

I’ve had a great week and got to go into school on Monday and Wednesday (when Albie tried to convince the infants to throw mud at me). I also brought a car this week, but I’m sorry Faith it wasn’t a limo. In honour of 6G I have named my car “The Trash Can” and look forward to going on lots of adventures in it when this is all over- maybe I will even let Miss Gardiner come with me! (As long as she promises not to be a fool).

I’m missing the energy and laughter of our classroom but I hope you’re all having a lovely time at home!!

Bye for now- stay awesome.

Top three in the school- all 6G!

Wednesday 1st April

Hello! I have had another lovely day at school today. We started our day with Joe, wrote some of our newspaper reports and did some science. In the afternoon, we made a den by the wooden duck at the end of the field. It was excellent, made out of logs leaning against each other like a wigwam. You are never too old to make a den! Then we finished our day with some football or hide the log dog and some Spellingshed. I haven’t been on to look at individuals yet but I can see that we are still top of the school with an incredible amount of points: 108,143,100!

I hope you have all had great days too. I know it can be hard and some days you feel like you have too much to do in one day. If you are feeling like this you can make a timetable that suits you or a to do list so you can tick things off as you go. I think it was Mrs Farris that told me about ‘eating the frog’ which is doing the biggest job first, or the one you are least looking forward to. That way you don’t have to spend your day worrying about it! Why don't you try to eat your frog tomorrow and see if it helps?


Miss Kern has joined tiktok! She has sent me some videos of her for me to post. I saw a video of Noah dancing today and it made me smile. I hope this video makes you smile! Can you send us a tutorial so we can learn a tiktok dance?

I hope you weren’t fooled this morning,

Miss Gardiner

Miss Kern's Tiktok video

Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March

Hello! Yesterday I spent my evening doing a quiz with my family and had a great time. I wrote ten questions all about Marvel films. Can you answer this one: What is Clint Barton’s superhero name?

Top class in the school on Spellingshed! Ashton has swooped in with an amazing 18,108,460 points to push us into top position, well done to everyone that has played. We are also still winning the ttrockstars competition because an amazing 17 of you have logged on and played. I set a test yesterday and nine of you have already competed it which is amazing (well done Izzy, Chloe, Eddie, Arabella, Sam, Toby, Keira, Faith and Veronica). If you are having trouble with your BOFA please let me know. I have had lots of reports through saying how well you have all done and, more importantly, how much you have improved after trying again. A great example of learning from your mistakes!

I have spoken to Mrs Wanniarachchi and Miss Wakeling today, they are both well. Miss Wakeling has sent me a picture of the scarf she is knitting (great isolation skill!) and a video of her playing a game of noughts and crosses with Alex. I will post it below as it looks like great fun.

I am pleased to say I am in school tomorrow but I still want to see your lovely emails full of great art work, writing, science, funny videos, news, spellings, reading records and maths, I will look at them all!

I hope you are all getting your outfits ready for Fancy-dress Friday with Joe!

Miss Gardiner

Noughts and Crosses

Still image for this video

Monday 30th March

Hello! I hope you have all had lovely weekends. Some of you have sent me your spelling tests (thank you) or I have collected your data from Spellingshed. I have set up our new word list so that you have to practise those before you can go onto the other games. I have also rewarded some players with ‘honey’ for being top scorers- well done Luke and Ashton 100%! We are having a ttrockstars competition with 6H at the moment and we are in the lead, keep it up 6G!

The pictures of food I have been sent are mouth-watering (great hyphenated word): cakes, cookies and omelettes. We may have some Master Chef champions among us (what do you think Noah, Veronica, Keira and Eddie?).

I have completed the challenge set by Holly to throw a Ping-Pong ball into a cup from 3 metres away and have seen a great video from Albie throwing a ball into a bin. If you can think of a new challenge for us to do let me know!

Have a great evening,

Miss Gardiner

Friday 27th March

Good afternoon! That is the first week of home learning finished. I just want to say how impressed I am with our class. I have had so many emails full of work and happy faces. We are all so impressed with how hardworking you have been- you have made us all very proud.


Today I have received lots more work and lovely emails. Your villain settings are excellent and will link really nicely to your newspaper reports next week. You maths for next week can all be found on the website. I had a good question from Hamish today about typing your work. I would like you to keep working on your handwriting and practising writing but if you would like to, and are able to get onto a computer, you can type up some of your work. Remember, you can make up your own stories and research topics if you find something that inspires you. Dexter’s mum was telling me about a coding course for him but there are lots of things you could try, new tricks on the trampoline like Keira, Zumba like Jaycie or gardening like Miss Kern (photo below).


We are now second-best class on Spellingshed and Holly has taken the top spot on the points table! Watch out 6S! Well done to everyone playing at home. Also to those that have been onto (Alivia, Arabella, Ashton, Eddie, Faith, Izzy, Keira, Luke, Toby, Veronica and Evan) and Sumdog; Hamish is currently the top point scorer! Luke and Faith have both beaten me on ttrockstars (they are so fast!) so I know what I am going to work on next week!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Miss Gardiner

Thursday 26th March

Hello! I have had an adventurous couple of days at school with Leo, Ellis, Albie and Dan. Mrs Keenan has set up a forest school at the end of the field where you can made dens, find bugs and make different things with logs (including pet dogs- log dog!). We have had a great time, this is probably something you could all do if you have a garden or on your walks. Frolic in the sun while it is still out!

I have been sent more and more excellent work over the last two days. I read Ashton’s story over breakfast which I instantly regretted as it was both scary and gruesome. Evan has written an incredible news report, and I have seen a great range of volcano posters which are online for you all to see. While you are on the showcase have a look at the heart diagrams and Arabella’s art, which is beautiful.

Well done to everyone that has been online to play on Sumdog, ttrockstars or Spellingshed. We are now the third best class on Spellingshed and Faith is the second highest point scorer in the school with an amazing 13,299,748 points!

I have seen Miss Wakeling today who says hello, and Miss Kern has sent me a picture of her gardening which I will put online for you all to see.

I hope you are all reading your books?

Miss Gardiner

Tuesday 24th March

Another beautifully sunny day. After the news yesterday, I have decided not to go to school so I am working from home and will go in only when I am needed (Wednesday and Thursday this week).

My day started with a lovely email for Izzy and a Joe Wicks workout in my sitting room which was hard work! I have had some excellent work sent to me today from Keira, Ellis and Noah. Lots of you have gone onto Sumdog (Evan is top but Eddie, Hamish, Mo and Alivia are on there too, to name a few) , spellingshed (Faith is top at the moment but Toby, Luke and Poppy are hot on her heels) and ttrockstars (well done Star). I have also had an email from Holly, Chloe’s mum and Evan’s mum telling me what they are getting up to today.

I have planned lots of maths work and found out how to battle people on ttrockstars so feel free to challenge me! I have also gone onto and set two tests so they are there when you are ready to have a go at those.

Holly challenged me to throw a ping pong ball into a cup from 3 metres away. After trying for 15 minutes with a clementine I am going to wait and get a ball from school tomorrow. I am going to spend the rest of my afternoon getting my desk tidy and all set up for my home learning days. Tidy room, tidy mind!

I hope you have all had a lovely day,

Miss Gardiner

Monday 23rd March

Hello! I hope that you have all had a great first day of home learning. I went into school today and saw Leo and Albie who have been doing their home learning activities in 4J. I have already heard from so many of you and have been very impressed with the amount of enthusiasm you have put into your new challenges.

In school we started the day with Joe Wicks, who is doing daily 9am workouts, and I know a few of you have been joining in at home too. 

I have had some great pictures already: Ellis doing his workout; Holly, Poppy and Alivia have sent me pictures of their maths, English or PSHE work and we have some extra puzzles and lego activities going on too (thank you Emily).

I have also seen a few of you (Luke, Evan, Holly and Faith) have gone onto SpellingShed  and have taken us into 5th highest scoring class in the school which is excellent. After some help from Miss Simpson, I have been able to set you this week’s spellings and got Jess her username (thank you for the email reminder). 

I don't want you to feel like there is too much to do because it is important that you pace yourselves, enjoy the days you have at home with your family and have a chance to try new things. Hopefully the examples I have put on the website will help you and you can email me if you need anything: I am eagerly waiting for news about your new skills, topic days (good idea Sam) and projects.

I have recorded myself reading Murder Most Unladylike and put it into our class folder despite not enjoying listening to my own voice. I was shocked by what I read at the end of chapter 3!

Congratulations on your first day of home learning,

Miss Gardiner

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