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Friday 15th May 2020


Dear 6H,

I do hope that you have had a good couple of weeks since my last blog.

Last weekend I was busy decorating the doors of my house (which haven’t been painted for a while and despite officially being white were looking decidedly cream in colour. 


Following the government’s advice about walking or cycling to work, I decided last weekend that I would cycle to school to see how long it would take me.  It was a bit windy last weekend and cycling into a strong north-easterly wind meant that it took me 28 minutes going to school, but only 23 minutes coming home again afterwards! 


It has been great seeing all the wonderful work that you have been sending through the last couple of weeks.  Finn created some excellent art - a stunning foil orchid and a wonderful drawing of bluebells.




Amber created an astoundingly good reproduction of a picture by Picasso.


… and Caitlyn painted a wonderful Van Gogh inspired painting.



Yashita drew a super drawing of an owl...

...and Sophie P painted an fantastic painting of an ice skater.  I really liked the silhouette of the skater.


A number of you have been cooking.  Faye made lasagne...

Jhanni made rhubarb crumble and Katie made quesadillas (see video below).


A number of you have been taking photos of wildlife around Ashtead.  Jhanni took an amazing photo of a bug climbing a blade of grass.

Alfie took some great photos of flowers.

Oliver B took a wonderful photo of an heron.


Katie also filmed a bug's-eye view of the world (see link below).


Dexter created an excellent PowerPoint on renewable energy (see link below).


I was very impressed with Daniel's alien story.  He used some excellent vocabulary choices and phrases.


The parks forest loomed over the two boys, creating a dark atmosphere with the only sound being there footsteps and the animals calling and hooting. “How long till we get out of this forest” asked Jim, the younger one of the two. The older one, James looked at him; he had asked that question about ten times in the last five minutes. Then they saw it…


A beam of light was streaking down to the dusty floor with malevolent patterns hypnotising anyone who looked at it. But what was producing the lazer-like beam was even weirder. A massive UFO space-ship looking thing was hovering a couple of hundred metres over the two boys.  The light started moving, mesmerising the boys.


They woke up. Lying on a table heads hurting, backs aching and eyes straining they remembered what had happened. They were in the park, then they saw a light, the light came over to them, then everything went black. A man in a hazmat suit came into the room, with a gun-looking thing in his hand. There hearts started racing. The man held James down and put the thing near his face… there was a bleep then the man put the object away. “Language: Human,” said the man taking of his helmet. It was a horrific sight; he was a green colour with antennae looking things. They both shuddered. “Five minutes till tests begin,” said the thing.

“We are on our way, chief scientist,” answered a speaker with the same robotic-voice. Another alien came in with a tray, needles and syringes laying on it. The walls turned dark and the doors clicked; Jim had a dreadful thought, what if the door had just been locked. The chief scientist, Bleep-Blop, took on of the syringes from the table, then snapped his fingers. Suddenly, big leather straps tied around the two boys, rubbing against there skin. They tried to scream but nothing came out. Chief Bleep-Blop came over to Jim and poked the needle in his arm. He could feel the blood draining from himself. He took the needle out. Another alien came over to James and put its hand in his hair and pulled a couple hairs out. Then they injected both the boys with a needle with weird blue liquid inside, and they shut there eyes and drifted of to sleep.

The stone floor felt cold under there limp bodies. James opened his eyes. “Wake up Jim,” he said shaking his body. He woke up. “Where are w-” out side the stone room were two aliens in front of the bars closing them off from getting anywhere. On the back of there necks were small holes. “James,” said Jim “you see the back of their necks, the hole? What if we touched it? What would happen then?”

“lets try then.” James walked over to the guards made his hands into fists and punched both the guards necks. The guards fell to the floor he took the key card and opened the jail door. “Blaquarians 1578 and 1593 report,” boomed a speaker “I repeat Blaquarians 1578 and 1593 report” Oh no. James walked over to the unconscious guard. BLAQUARIAN 1593. “Quick, up here,” shouted Jim hanging from vents in the roof. James helped him up then swung up himself.

The vent’s cold air blew against their skin, goose-bumps engulfing them. Metal rebounding the air back at them.

The vents seemed to go on forever, going up, going down, going sideways every way. Above them they could the aliens panicking in alien language. But after a couple more turns Jim stopped and pointed forward “Look,” he said. James did look and joy filled him. Trees! Trees mean the outside, outside means away from the space-ship, which means closer to home. After five minutes, they had finally reached the window revealing the luscious, green trees. Jamie started punching and kicking  the window. Suddenly, alarms blared overhead and underneath them. Finally the glass cracked and shattered. The warm air breezed against there cold skin. Then the horrifying sound of people climbing in a vent, but Jim and James were staying still. So who was it? They both turned around, two or three aliens were crawling through the vents, weird gun things in there tentacley green hand. “Jump!” shouted James. And they jumped.


Jim woke up, without opening his eyes. What a weird dream. Aliens, jumping out a window and his brother making the alien guards go unconscious. He’ll wake up now and he will be at home, in his warm bed.

“Aaaaah!” he screamed waking up, realising it wasn’t a dream. The spaceship was still there hovering just over them, a blue light coming down on top of them. Wait, that was the one that sucked us up there in the first place. He ran over to James, “wake up!” he said shaking him rapidly. “What… What happened,” James muttered waking up. “Just RUN!” he screamed back in reply, pointing up at the blue light, that was now only a couple metres away.

James got up pulled Jim and started running. Pieces of dirt and roots from trees flew up all around them. James and Jim were very fast boys, they would win every single race they were in (by miles) but nothing was this fast. And it was picking up speed the more it was going. They could feel them selves going up the tiniest bit. They were hovering over the ground without even noticing. “Full pelt!” shouted James. They sprinted as fast as they could getting further away from the blue lazer and getting closer to the ground. In the distance, infront of the slowly falling sun, shading the world into darkness, they could see there beloved house. Jim picked up a long stick, while running and threw into the blue lazer. The smell of burning and fire entered there nostrils and they could see smoke just behind them. They were nearly there. Suddenly, the sound of mechanisms breaking and falling apart came into earshot. Then a booming thump as if the UFO had just crashed. They stopped running and walked the rest of the way home, occasionally looking over their shoulders. Just before they got home  James pointed at Jim’s neck, a small black object was clinging to his skin. And Jim looked at James’, the same thing.

After they got home and told there parents about their adventure and the black things, after they got into bed and turned the lights off; a thought popped into James’ head, a dreadful thought: what if the black things were trackers…


It has been fun seeing you do your SATs tests this week...  Here are a few of the photos I received of you sitting your SATs (well... sort of) spelling test.



We, the teachers, had much fun in making the spellings videos.   We hope, after the initial horror at a list of impossible words, you enjoyed doing the tests.


After half-term, it looks like we will be coming back to school again!  I am very much looking forward to seeing you again (in real-life, rather than an image on a computer screen.)  School will not be the same as it was before the lockdown.  However, we aim to make it an engaging and enjoyable time for you.


I do hope that you keep well in the coming week and I look forward to seeing your work next week.


See you soon.


Mr Harverson 









Katie making quesadillas.

Still image for this video

Katie's bug's-eye view of the world

Still image for this video

Dexter's PowerPoint on renewable energy.

Friday 1st May 2020


Dear 6H,


Another week has passed by and as you have all observed, the weather has changed a bit.  Where has all that lovely sunshine gone?!!!   Still it is good for my plants at school which I have been having to water for the past few weeks.


                   A sunflower                                             spinach                                                   peas


I have become more adventurous on my walks.  Last weekend, on Saturday, I walked 7 and half miles from Bookham to Denbies, Ranmore and Polesden Lacey.  On Sunday (despite my better judgement) I decided to walk to Box Hill from Bookham.  It was a lovely walk and included some super views from the top of Box Hill.  However, by the time I got back home, my poor legs were aching just a bit. 



Me at Denbies - Dorking in the background                   Box Hill from the vineyard at Denbies



View of Dorking from the top of Box Hill                                View of Denbies from Box Hill



It has been great seeing all the super work that you have been sending through this week. 


Freya, Jolie, Katie and Josh created some excellent name tags.  I really liked their design and colour.  I particularly liked the way Freya had cut hers out.






I’ve enjoyed seeing all your foil creations.   Amber made a super foil clam, and Faye made an excellent hedgehog.  I was particularly impressed with Caitlyn’s rose, which was expertly crafted.



          Amber's foil clam                                      Faye's hedgehog                                  Caitlyn's rose


There has also been some excellent art created this week.  Sophie P painted a wonderful Van Gogh picture, Dexter drew a super drawing of a shoe and Amber drew a fantastic shadow art picture of a cactus.


                                Sophie P's Van Gogh art                                                        Dexter's drawing of a shoe



                                                                           Amber's shadow drawing of a cactus


Alfie took some wonderful photos of bluebells and a butterfly on Ashtead Common. 



There has also been some wonderful baking taking place this week….   Jolie made some delicious looking cakes and Owen created a mouth-watering volcano cake.  They both looked fantastic.


                         Jolie's cakes                                                           Owen's volcano cake

Yashita drew some exceptionally good drawings of a cartoon strip, a forest, and a renewable energy poster.   





Katie drew an excellent diagram of the human heart.  She also created a great island map.




There have also been some great stories written this past week. Caitlyn, Jhanni and Dexter wrote some great stories.  However, I was particularly taken with Freya’s alien story and Emilie's 'Lifted' story which are shown below.


Freya's  Alien story


Hurrying across a quiet, stone path was a small 13 year old girl named Luna with long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair and tan, freckled skin with hazel brown eyes.   Suddenly, the summer sky became gloomy, inky clouds swarming in from above.  Howling winds rushed by snarling and biting at Luna’s ankles.  Trees shuddered.  Nervous, she noticed a vast shadow looming over her.  Black as midnight, a sleek hovering craft descended silently before her.


Puzzled, Luna opened her eyes to find herself surrounded in green-tinted glass.  Pushing her face up against the walls of the cylinder, she squinted and took in her surroundings.  To her surprise, she was gliding smoothly through a purple court yard, riddled with gleaming white buildings.  Echoing sounds buzzed through Luna’s head and she could hear the wheels of the truck that was carrying the tube she was standing in and the beeps of vehicles hovering above the purple brick ground.  As the truck moved closer to the courtyard, Luna heard mysterious electronic and scratchy voices.  Peering through the white doors of the courtyard, she could see shiny, metallic buildings and small pods gliding around.  Hitting her int eh back of the throat, was the smoky sharp fire from the factories.  As hot as a desert, the strange planet was dry and out of water.  Overall, the strangest things she saw were the people.   They had shiny white metallic skin and were slender, tall and noseless with webbed fingers and toes. They had unusual robotic voices and bright purple eyes.


A while later, Luna was taken to a lab with potions and test tubes. She heard a knock on the glass cylinder.  Turning around, she saw another unusual person, but smaller than the other and a higher pitched voice.  The person held up a sign showing different pictures. 


Bleep looked like he was concentrating really hard and the glass swiftly pasted like a waterfall. Surprised, Luna froze and once again concentrating, Bleep hesitantly mumbled the word ‘escape’.  Luna understood.  Nervously, Luna scrambled after Bleep who was striding ahead on his long thin legs.  As they exited the building, Luna saw the same spacecraft that had taken her to the planet.  She paused outside, unsure about where Bleep was taking her.  After making up her mind, she followed.


Once inside, she noticed several of the hovering pods from the purple courtyard.  A pair of large purple eyes appeared in one of the pods to her left.  She climbed into the one nearest to Bleep.  With a roar and jolt, the spacecraft took off into the night sky.  Crashing through the air at lightning speed, they travelled quickly and the journey didn’t take long.


Eventually, the metal doors glided open, daylight pouring into the room.  Met with a wave disappointment, Luna took one last look at the spacecraft, waved to Bleep and left.


Emilie's Lifted story




I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend.  Take care and keep safe.


Mr Harverson




















Friday 24th April 2020


Hello 6H,


I do hope that you have had a good week and despite restrictions of the lockdown, you have been able to enjoy yourselves and have some fun doing the work activities this week and enjoying the sunshine.


Over the Easter break, I had a wonderful time going for walks on the Downs around the Polesden Lacey area.  I even ventured as far as the Denbies estate and Ranmore on some longer 7 mile walks.  I feel a lot fitter now.    


It was also lovely having the opportunity to see lots of amazingly beautiful bluebells in the woods.


If you see some beautiful flowers on  your walks, do take a photo and send it to me.



It’s been really lovely seeing all your work this week and the past few weeks.  I have been greatly impressed with your art work and examples of cooking.  It’s good to see that you are being creative.  This week, Yashita, Owen and Emily made some excellent foil models of flowers and animals.

Emily's rose       

        Emily's rose                                                                                                                       Yashita's rose


Amber and Louie did some name art…   you can guess which one is which!



Finn painted a wonderful picture of Big Ben, which was very impressive and Emilie drew an excellent drawing of 'The Great Wave' by Katsushika Hokusai.  



In English, Jhanni created an amazing emoji story plan of ‘Lifted’.



Finn also wrote an excellent alien story, shown below:

The lightning stone

Millions of light years away from earth there is a moon unlike any other.  Fluffy, green, two-eyed creatures live there on the lifeless deserted moon in the middle of the Milky Way.  The creatures are the opposite  of what you would expect. Under the ground there are millions of them all happy at home.

These aliens are very lucky because they are rocktarians which means they can only eat rocks.  One day as they were digging out cocoon 285 for a family to live in (as well as food) they discovered that the rocks were getting softer, and it was like they were scooping melon instead of rocks.  As they dug further and further in they came across a bright, shimmering, molten lava-like rock.  When they took a closer look they could see little bits of lightning spinning around inside.

Later that day they realised that the rock had extreme power and it was an electric rock.  They couldn’t believe their luck.  After searching for a power source for years they could finally use their rocket ship.  Ready to explore the Universe they quickly packed their bags and soon blasted off on an adventure.

In their excitement they weren’t watching out.  Disaster!  They crashed into an asteroid and pierced a hole in the ship.  The vacuum of space sucked out the power stone and the alien ship started spinning and falling to Earth.

Closer and closer the stone plummeted to the ground and as at fell the worse everything became because the earth started to turn into rock.  The aliens realised that the stone was poison to other planets.    Freaking out, one of the aliens decided to tie himself to the ship and jumped to the stone.  Just in time he grabbed it, making the earth turn back to how it was.

Relieved, the aliens headed home with a great story to tell, but they decided that the stone was so dangerous that they couldn’t use it again and hid the lightning stone where it would never be seen.


I do hope that you all have a super weekend and a good rest.  I look forward to seeing all your work next week.


Mr. Harverson







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