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Friday 3rd April 

Hi 6S,

I know I said this yesterday, but it has been so lovely to be able to stay in touch and hear all about what you're getting up to at home. The photos that you are sending in make me smile, especially when I get to see your wonderful faces, so I thought I'd send a few letting you know what I've been up to and also a couple of messages from Mrs Alsford and Mrs Lacey.

I've spent quite a lot of time on my computer over the last couple of weeks making sure that there's plenty online for you to use in your home learning and responding to all your wonderful emails. As I said, I've been into school some days - you can see my 'leaf bashing' print that I did during forest school in the woodland walk one afternoon. It was great fun! Joe Wicks has been really good at motivating me in the mornings (although it's quite a killer on the legs!) and I've been out for my daily walk as well which has been great on the sunny days. Tilly (below) has been keeping me company at home and I've managed to fit in some reading and Netflix at home! Thanks Imy for recommending 'No Ballet Shoes in Syria', that's going to be my Easter reading! I've also been in touch with lots of friends and family using zoom, house party etc. - I'm normally rubbish at staying in touch so at least that's one good thing to come out of this!



Mrs Alsford has been enjoying running in the common with her dog and kids every day - she's clocked up more running mileage in 2 weeks than she has all year! Beautiful butterflies are out now and she spotted a bat dipping into a pond. She's also been very busy in the garden planting vegetables, herbs and flowers. Emoji quizzes have become regular evening entertainment in the Alsford household and with her extended family online - she says she's getting quite good at them now! Mrs Alsford says: "I hope you're all enjoying your home learning - we loved making mini terrariums!" You can see a picture below.



Mrs Lacey has also been out and about making the most of the good weather. She has been having outdoor science lessons on her daily walks exploring the life in the pond. She and her girls have also been decorating plant pots and growing cress. Check out the picture below! She's also been spending some quality time with their ratties - so cute!



We hope you all have a lovely two week break - you have all worked so hard this term and coped so fantastically over the last two weeks and you really do deserve to have lots of fun! Stay in touch with each other, look after each other, be kind and we hope to see you in person very soon. But for now here's one to keep you going!


Happy Easter from

Miss Simpson, Mrs Lacey and Mrs Alsford 

Thursday 2nd April 

Hi 6S!

I hope you're all doing well at home and that your managing to have lots of fun alongside your learning. I must say it has been very strange adapting to working from home and going into school once or twice a week to teach and look after those who are having to come in. I'd love to say that I've caught up on all those jobs I always say I'm going to do, but I've just been adjusting to new routines (at least that's my excuse!).


It's been so lovely to keep up with what you've been up to via email, I've missed your happy faces in the classroom! From lego challenges to impressive baking feats to super writing to seeing you enjoying the lovely sunshine we had last week, it has really made me smile to see you doing so well. I am incredibly proud of how you have adapted and all you're managing to achieve and I can't wait to see what you get up to next (we're still waiting to hear about Freddie's roast dinner!!).


You were top class in spelling shed for so long, well done! We've been overtaken by 6G now so keep up the efforts and let's try and knock them off the top spot!! Well done for your efforts in our TTRockstars battle too - 21000 is an impressive score and would win against any of the other classes battling. We may be behind, but I reckon if everyone gives it a final push we can take them by surprise in the final stages!! Keep going!

Keep watching this space as I'm going to be keeping in touch more on this part of the website and tomorrow I'll include some photos and posts from Mrs Lacey and Mrs Alsford too (who are also missing your smiley faces!).

Stay safe and keep in touch smiley

Miss Simpson

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