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The Greville Primary School

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We aim to sow the seeds of self-discipline. This is attempted in the knowledge that children respond well to high expectations and a clear limit with regard to behaviour. 


The school is a large community and we need rules in order to function smoothly and care for each other. These are set out clearly in our Behaviour Management Policy and Golden Rules. To reward good behaviour we operate a system called ‘Golden Time’.  This is explained to the children and if rules are broken, consequences are used which relate to the transgression. These may include loss of ‘Golden Time’, loss of playtime or lunch time.  If the child persists, parents/carers are contacted in an attempt to resolve the situation.  The most serious breaches of behaviour may lead to fixed term exclusion or the ultimate sanction – permanent exclusion.
Some children, because of their needs, display different types of behaviour. This might be addressed in different ways, according to the specific plan for their behaviour. We work to help them improve their behaviour and reward them for any improvement. We carefully follow strategies set out in our Behaviour Management Policy (which can be viewed on our website) and suggestions from outside agencies.