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Daily Maths Lesson Guide

Daily Maths Lesson Guide

For each maths lesson you will find four documents to open as well as the web link to the White Rose Maths video for that day. You will be familiar with the type of work and the layout in each of the documents as we have tried to keep it as similar as possible to the lessons you were doing in class.


What order should you complete the work in?

  1. Complete the flashback maths starter in your blue maths book. Remember that you’ll need a double margin and the date at the beginning of each flashback, just like we do at school and seen on the example below.
  2. Watch the White Rose Maths video, pausing the video in the appropriate places to complete parts of your printed workbook.
  3. Complete the journal question in your blue maths book. You should use separate pages for your flashbacks and journal questions, just like you have been doing in class. If you are unable to print the journal question at home, that’s fine, just make sure you have the date first and then write your journal entry underneath. Please see the example below to remind yourself of how your journal pages should look.



The extension task is an optional task and for those who would like a further challenge to stretch themselves in their learning.


Friday Lessons

On Fridays, the work will look slightly different. There will be no flashback or journal question, but there will be a short arithmetic test instead. You can either print the test or complete your working out and answers in your blue maths book. Give yourself only 15 minutes for test. If you get full marks then well done! If not, then aim to increase your score but at least one mark each week.