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Design Technology - Seed Packets

Summer Design Technlogy Project - Designing a Seed Packet


Hi everyone! Our Design Technology for this half term will have you designing and making your own seed packet to tie in with our learning about plants in science. The seeds you pick can be up to you, they can be flower seeds or fruit or vegetables! 


Lesson 1


To start with you are going to make your own mood board to begin to get some ideas of what your seed packet will look like. You might already have an idea but it's always good to search around and see if you can get some more inspiration. Have a look online or browse through magazines to see if there are some idea-inspiring pictures you can cut out and use (please get grown-ups permission first!). You can then cut and stick these pictures onto your own mood board. 


A mood board is a collage of different images that you can use to build an idea of what your product will look like. Here are some things you could consider when making your mood board.



  • Who or what will the product be for?
  • What images and pictures do I want to include?
  • What will the lettering be like?
  •  What shape will my product be? Will it be a packet, a box or something else?
  •  What colours will I include?
  • What material will my product be made out of? 


To give you a better idea, I have made my own mood board for my product - a sunflower seed packet!

We hope you enjoy making your mood boards! You can print one out to start or use Publisher to cut and paste pictures into. 

Lesson 2


Last week we had a think about what type of seeds we wanted to create packaging for and created a mood board of different elements we might want to include in our own designs. This week we are going to start to come up with some initial ideas for what our packaging is going to look like. Answer the questions on the sheet and then have a go at creating three different ideas for your packaging and label your pictures when you are done.


Lesson 3


It's time to design our final idea using the initial ideas we came up with last week. Read the instructions on the sheet carefully and make sure you answer all the questions and add labels!

Lesson 4


It's time to start making your seed packet! Have a read through the PowerPoint to see what you need to consider. Use the sheets provided to help and don't forget to send a picture to your teacher!

Lesson 5

It's time to do a questionnaire to find out what others think of our seed packaging! Follow the instructions in the document below.

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