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Starter: If you haven't done so already, complete the test on! 



Look at the picture above. There are two options. We expect at least 3/4 of a page of writing. 


Option 1- Write a story about the picture. 

Use the story starter below to start you off if you want.


“Leave us alone! This is our home!” the animals all declared as one.

The humans didn’t seem to care…

Can you continue the story?


Success Criteria

We are looking for a range of sentence openers, conjunctions and punctuation. Please make sure your story isn't full of speech (limit yourself to 4/5 lines of speech)! Remember it is more important to describe the character's actions.  


Option 2- Persuasive letter

Write a letter to the government, persuading them not to build on the animal's home.


Success Criteria

If you are writing a persuasive letter, remember to include emotive language (see below), rhetorical questions and subordinating conjunctions (however, despite, therefore, although) 


Emotive language to use in persuasive writing

Surely you can see

Very concerned
Extremely disappointed
Extremely angry
I cannot believe that…
It is not difficult to understand that…


Email your teacher your work if you can!

Here is an example letter:

Do you have a question?

Not sure about the task? Ask Miss Goodman a question! Leave your email so she can reply!

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