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Starter: Practise your weekly spellings.


Over the next 3 days, you will work towards creating a piece of work. By Friday, you will have written a description on one of the following pictures:



Here is timetable for the week:


Wednesday: Plan your writing by brainstorming vocabulary, phrases, similes, metaphors, personification


Today, we expect at least 15-20 phrases / words/ sentences to go with your picture. 


Things to think about: 


What can you see?  Cottage – trees – pathway - smoke- castle- bats - clouds - moon

             Colours – light – dark -

What can you hear? Trees – sound of the forest – footsteps?- wind- rain


What can you smell? Smoke – grass – forest


How does this make you feel? Happy – sad – courageous – anxious – determined

                                                curious – puzzled – apprehension -inquisitive


If you get stuck, try writing a basic word / phrase / sentence and then seen if you can up-level it. For example: 


Basic Up-levelled 
Smoke came out the chimney.  Delicate smoke danced out of the chimney.  
There was a large tree. Next to the cottage, stood an ancient tree which towered over the house. 
There were faeries in the grass.  Amongst the dancing flowers, were tiny faeries, who spent their time collecting nectar. 


Send us your mind maps so that we can post them on Thursday's English page. That way, you can magpie each other's ideas. 


Thursday: Write using first class sentences and referring to the success criteria


Friday: Edit: Punctuation, spellings, improve word quality.

Re-write your work up neatly. Present by drawing a picture (this could be over the top of the writing) and you could creating a border. 


The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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