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During the year, we will explore many different genres in our English lessons. This page contains examples of work and will be updated with relevant websites as we work through different units.
Examples of Work - Appealing to the Audience

Make the reader...tremble in fear

Reading Comprehension - Top Tips

  • Read the questions first so you have an idea of what information you might be looking for in the passage/text.
  • Read the passage/text carefully and thoroughly.
  • Read the questions and highlight any key words that might help you find where the evidence might come from the passage/text.
  • Read the passage again and highlight key words, phrases, headings etc. that relate to the question.
  • Look at what marks are allocated to each question.  Do not spend 10 minutes answering a question woth 1 mark and 2 minutes answering a question worth 3 marks.
  • When asked to support your answer with evidence from the passage/text use words and phrases directly from the passage/text.
  • Remember if you are quoting from the passage to use quotation marks.
  • Answer your question in full sentences - using words and phrases from the question in your answer.
  • Do not just copy large chunks out of the text.
  • Finally reread the question and your answer to check you have covered all the points asked for.

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar