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Wednesday's starter:

As we are nearing the end of term, we need to complete a spelling assessment. Please listen closely to the words for the different sounds. They will be tough because we are looking to see what sounds you recognise. You may pause the video after each spelling if you need longer to write it down. Have a pen and paper ready!

Spring Spelling Assessment Test


Learning Objective: To be able to write a biography

For this task you can choose a person who interests you. You might choose a sports person, a famous scientist, an author, a singer or actor. The choice is yours.



Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

                        Emmiline Pankhurst, the Suffragette

                                                            Madame Curie, the scientist

                                                                                              David  Hockney, the artist.


Today you need to research facts about your chosen person. Here are some things you could research: 

Who were they: Facts about their life before they were famous, e.g. parents, brothers and sisters, friends, school

Their Life: What sort of experiences did they have before they were famous, e.g. training, how did they realise they had a particular talent, who helped them?

Famous For: Find at least 10 facts why your person is famous.

In the Box: Write down 10 sentence openers and 10 conjunctions which you think you could use.


You can use the writing frame below to record the the facts you have found, or write them straight into your book. 


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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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