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Wednesday's starter:

Have a go at learning your spellings for the week. 

Remember if the word has 's' in it, it's the verb and 'c' is the noun.


I need to practise my spellings - verbs quite often have 'to' before them. Remember it is the action. 

I have done lots of spelling practice- practice is the thing that has been done ( done is the verb) and so practice is a noun. 

Today, your task will be to write two days of your diary. You can choose any two days since the 23rd March. 

Firstly, look at today's power point to remind yourself of the diary checklist and to read the WAGOLL which will give you an idea of  the style.

You will also find below the tick list of Features of a Diary for you to check that you have included all the features.

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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