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Wednesday's starter:

Have a go at learning your spellings for the week. If you are able to, try this spelling app- it’s currently free!

Main task

Your task for the next 3 days:


Imagine that you and a friend were the ones on the kayak whale-watching experience in California. In two diary entries, recount your experience before (first diary entry), during and after (second entry) the humpback breached the water and landed on top of your boat.


First, have a read of the WAGOLL to give yourself an idea of what you could write.


Today, we are going to plan how our feelings and emotions would change throughout this experience by drawing an emotions graph like the one shown here: 



To create your own graph, follow the steps below:


1) Decide on the main events in your diary entries: packing bag for trip, on the coach to the sea, getting on a boat out to sea, getting in the kayak etc. These events will be on the x axis (the horizontal/bottom line).


2) Along the y axis (vertical line/or the one going up), write negative emotions at the bottom and positive emotions at the top.


3) Plot how you feel about each event by putting a dot or cross. Next to the dot or cross, write how you are feeling at that point in the story. 



The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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