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Log onto and complete the test.

Task: Imagine that you and a friend were the ones on the kayak whale-watching experience in California. Recount your experience before, during and after the humpback breached the water and landed on top of your boat.


Today, you will describe the what happened BEFORE you see the humpback whales. Look at the WAGOLL. This will give you an idea of what you could write.

Things you could include:

- Packing your bag to prepare for the trip

- A sleepless night because you were overly excited/nervous/scared

- Travelling on a coach to the sea. 

- Travelling out to sea- was the sea rocky? Did you get sea sick?

- How you felt as you were about to board the kayak. 

At this point, you would put your diary down and get into your kayak. The next entry will be about your experience of seeing the whales. 


Success Criteria:

Start with either the date and/or 'Dear Diary'.

Your first paragraph should be a sentence summarising your overall feeling of the day.

Write the majority of events in chronological order and in past tense.

Write in first person. 

Describe your feelings and emotions for each event. 

Use time conjunctions to link events. 

Organise events into paragraphs. 

Use ambitious words to describe people and places. 

Switch seamlessly between past and present tense when discussing the current situation. 


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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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