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Draw pictures of each of your spellings to show that you know the meaning of them. 



Today, you will write your second diary entry. There is a WAGOLL at the bottom for you to read.


You have just got back from the trip and now you need to recount what has happened.

You could start with:


Today I had the most unbelievable, but terrifying experience of my life.


My day began after a sleepless night... I was far too excited to sleep! We got up at the crack of dawn and boarded the coach to the sea front. 




Watch the ending of the clip again. Tom says, 'And that's where the detective work starts.'

Imagine you are Tom. Can you write a third diary entry that explains what you discovered about whales. 

This can be entirely fictional or you could research whales and write a factual account. 

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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