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Fantasy Story

Last week, you described your settings of the fantasy world where your character found themselves. This week you are going to continue your story but first we need to plan!


You are going to use the Story Mountain document below to plan your idea under the headings:

  • Setting – already completed
  • Characters -Who does your character meet?                           
  • Opening – where the characters hint at a problem
  • Problem – tell your reader what is the problem
  • Climax – adventure
  • Resolution – how the problem is solved
  • Ending


Your task: To complete the planning sheet. You have already described your setting now plan the rest of your fantasy story.


Examples of problems that could occur in your story:

♦ The character you meet is actually evil and locks you up. You need to escape and find your way back to the portal to get home.

♦ The character you meet tells you his/her home is being destroyed by an evil monster. You have to  find a way of defeating the monster.

  • The fiery dragon who lives in the volcano crater threatens to destroy them

  • They need to find the lost key to their kingdom

  • People from another land are trying to steal their potion of happiness

  • There could be evil magic characters such as goblins or pixies
  • The portal back to your home could close up
  • There could be dangerous weather conditions such as lightning bolts made of fire or hailstones the size of boulders

Below you will find examples of characters which you might like to use or will inspire you to think of your own.


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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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