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Today in English, you are going to plan phrases to describe the mystical character that you meet in the mystical world. 


Below are the four images we have downloaded from google but you may choose another character or even use your imagination to dream up a fantasy character.  It may help if you draw your mystical character first.


Things to think about:

What do they look like? - height -build -face- nose -eyes -mouth -teeth -ears -hair -hands -feet

What are they wearing? - coat - cloak - hat - scarf- shoes - trousers - dress 

Are they carrying anything? - wand- walking stick - sword - bag

What expression?

Do they smell?

What sort of  noise do they make when they speak?.


Think about describing your character through action (we have done this lots at school!) For example:

As the figure of half human, half animal shuffled towards her, Anna realised that it was carrying a pouch round its waist which it was gripping protectively.


We are sure you can come up with a really vivid description of the two meeting in the fantasy land



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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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