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In English this week, we will be continuing with our Fantasy Story but first, today we will be thinking about Grammar : The Pattern of Three.


Pattern of Three

You will remember that we used this last week when we were writing about our setting.


We are going to use this pattern to extend our sentences in our story. This also gives a sense of pace to your writing and balances your writing with description and action. 


Here are examples of sentences where 3 things are happening:


  •  As Anna heard a strange noise behind her, she turned to find a mystical creature staring quizzically at her.
  • With a tremendous effort they climbed the volcano, balanced on the rim and peered hesitantly into the crater.


You will notice that there are three phrases, each with a verb which describes the action. You will need a conjunction e.g. as, with, and.

Keep all your verbs in the same tense – past tense for a story.

There are more examples in the document link below.


Your task: come up with your Pattern of Three sentences which perhaps could be useful in your story. 

We’re sure you can write fantastic, fantasy, pattern of three sentences.


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