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Fantasy Writing - The Problem

Today's task will be introducing the problem your two characters encounter- next Monday's writing will be the resolution when they solve the problem.

What problem will they face?

  • They need to find the lost key to their kingdom
  • People from another land are trying to steal their potion of happiness
  • The fiery dragon who lives in the volcano crater is threatening to destroy them

What is the problem?

Why is it important to face the problem?

What will happen in your mystical land if you do not deal with the problem?

Don't forget, today you introduce the problem and Monday you will write the resolution. We are looking for good quality writing describing the encounter between the two characters. Most importantly, use your planning!

You will include two or three pieces of diaglogue but no more and remember all the punctuation. NLNS! Any more will slow up your story writing.

Use expanded noun phrases e.g. the dusty, miniscule potion bottle; use similes, metaphors and personification e.g. the creature spoke as quiet as a mouse.

But most importantly, use the Pattern of Three sentences which you thought about during the grammar lesson which will keep the story moving. Refer to the checklist  document below.

We look forward to reading your amazing problems your  characters will have to face.



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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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