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Today you will edit all of your Fantasy Story

Firstly, the content of your story:

  • Can your  reader imagine the setting of your mystical land?
  • Have you made your characters interesting?
  • Did you hint at and then tell the reader what the problem was?
  • Did you have an exciting adventure while tackling the problem?
  • Did you resolve the problem, perhaps with a twist to the tale?
  • Had a clear ending to the story, returning through a portal.

Now to edit your writing:

  • Punctuation
  • Spellings
  • Interesting vocabulary
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Pattern of Three
  • Figurative Language.

Do you think your story is the best you can make it? Fantastic! We will so enjoy reading these.

Tomorrow, your task will be to copy up your story in neat handwriting and to illustrate.



The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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