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Get an adult to test you on your spellings and then have a look at the new words. If you don't know the meanings, look them up in a dictionary or online. If you are feeling extra keen you could write sentences using each word!

Main Activity


In 1963, Maurice Sendak wrote the picture book Where the Wild Things Are. Do you know it?

In the story, Max, on the night he wore his wolf suit, went on a magical journey to the land of the Wild Things and became the king of these strange creatures. Eventually, he missed home and made the journey back to his bedroom, where it all began. It’s a wonderful story – you can listen to it here and see the wonderful illustrations. Follow this link to watch the video:


In the story, there are many strange creatures that have never been seen before. As an explorer, I discover strange creatures all the time on my travels around the world. I have become expert at looking very carefully for animals as some are very good at hiding. Click below to see one of the animals I have discovered!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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