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In English last week, we were learning about writing informal letters. We decided to send Santa (or Father Christmas!) some letters but not to ask for presents for us, but gifts for the world! The children wrote some amazing letters and showed a great understanding of informal letter writing. 


This week, we will be learning about how to write a formal letter and how these differ from informal letters...and well we have had some very cheeky elves in our classrooms, who have been causing all kids of trouble and think it is time we wrote a letter to the Department of Elves to complain! Below you will find the learning materials and templates to help you write your complaint letter! laugh The templates are optional, so you decide whether you want to use them or have a go at laying it out yourself on paper, you could even type your letter and do some computing too (the align tool would be very handy!).

Finished already? Have a go at this Christmas Activity Book!