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This week in English we are focussing on SPaG! No, not spaghetti...Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar.

Start the week with your spellings test, don't forget to let your class teacher know how you did, the new spellings for this week are in the spellings folder.

First, we are going to have a look back at everything we have learnt so far - that is a lot! Have a look at the PowerPoint below. What can you remember? Watch the videos to remind yourself, make notes along the way! You will have a go at self-assessing how you feel about all the things we learn in Year 3 at the start of our Spring Term. Maybe you could create a poster for future Year 3's to tell them about the different word classes we have learnt so far.

Then, you are going to start your training to become Kung Fu Punctuation Masters!!! Follow the PowerPoint, learn the moves and take on every challenge along the way! Are you ready?... 

Kung Fu Punctuation

This is "Kung Fu Punctuation" by The Greville Primary School.

Thursday - A or An

Learn when to use A or An by The Greville Primary School.

Friday - Slow Write

Wednesday English Lesson - Apostrophes

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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