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English Weekly Overview









Watch the video to be tested on your spellings.

Look at next week’s new words. And start thinking about how you could learn them.



Look at the powerpoint and have a go at identifying determiners and then use them in a sentence.

60 Second Read

Give yourself 1 minute to read the text then answer the questions.


Spelling Shed

Play a few games on spelling shed to practise this week’s spellings.

Answer the questions about determiners.




Non-chronological report on doorstep wildlife.

Choose the challenge you would like (1, 2 or 3) and then read the text and answer the questions.


Choose an animal that you would like to focus your non-chronological report about.

Research facts on your chosen animal using books or the internet.


Did you find any words yesterday that you were unfamiliar with?

Make a list of these then, using a dictionary, find their definitions.

Now put them in alphabetical order

Writing paragraphs

Let’s use our facts from Tuesday to start writing our own report (using our own words) on your chosen animal.  

Don’t forget to give each paragraph a subheading.

Creating your fact file

Let’s put your fact file together!

Remember, you have already created your paragraphs your glossary.

Think about adding s title, pictures and captions, a did you know box etc.

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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