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The Greville Primary School

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 When are books changed?

Books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays. We do however read with the children throughout the week so please ensure that the books are sent to school every day.


How do we use the reading record?

Please comment or sign every time you read with your child at home. This can be a comment about what they enjoyed about the story, anything they spotted in the text or notes about words they found tricky. Sometimes a simple signature is enough to know that the book has been read and lets us know to give the children a new book.


What do we do with the Phonics Book?

The Phonics book that comes home in your child's book bag serves to inform you of the sounds that will be taught in the following week as well as the Jolly Phonics picture and letter formation rhyme. This allows you to reinforce the learning at home. Some parents also use these to help their children practise the formation at home e.g. by tracing over the letter or practising writing it on the page.


How does Show and Tell work?

Show and tell happens on a Friday, all children can participate. The children may bring in items that reflects the following criteria:

  • Items that start with the sounds learnt that week (These are found in the Home School Diary or Phonics Books).
  • Learning the children have been doing at home, particularly when matching learning from school.
  • Interesting places the children have visited outside school.
  • Items related to our current topic.


How do children select what they want for lunch?

Children are asked at the start of the day what they would like for lunch. Children having school dinners can select from a school meal or a jacket potato. Children are encouraged to only have a jacket twice a week to ensure variety.


Are children encouraged to eat all of their lunch?

We always encourage the children to try the option they have chosen, however, should a child not like what they have opted for or are still hungry, they will be offered a choice of food from the salad bar including plain, boiled pasta.


Can we email you?

Please feel free to email us, you can find our school email addresses on the Staff page of the website. Please email us general information about the children as well as photos of the children doing exciting things outside school which they can then share with their friends. Please be aware that we do not often check our emails during the school day so urgent information such as changes in pick-up should be sent via a phone call to the office. Alternatively, we are available to talk before or after school.