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Our topic this term is all about the United Kingdom. To begin with, we will be looking a little closer to home at our local area and deciding whether or not Ashtead is a Village, Town or City. We will then begin to look into the countries that make up The United Kingdom and learn all about their cities and different features (Human & Physical). The learning is set out in a Power Point with clearly marked lessons. Please only complete one lesson a week.



This term our topic is all about materials! We will be looking to the properties of different materials and learning words such as: transparent, opaque, rough, smooth etc. Click on the different lessons below to start your learning journey all about materials!


Extra foundation activities

Below are a selection of different activities that you coul have a go at that are linked to your learning this week. Please remember that the below are totally optional and are only there if you're looking for a little extra work this week!