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So many ideas - so little time! 

We have researched many different and fun foundation activities for you to choose from, we suggest picking at least one activity a day to complete.  This timetable will be for the next couple of weeks.

Please send any pictures to your teachers to enjoy!







Life skills (adult supervised)

Go for a walk around a National Trust park.  They have made them free during this time.


Gym run (link below)



Go noddle (link below)



Jo Wicks videos (link below)



Yoga videos (link below)


Junk musical instruments (link below)


Model of an ear - (link below)


Create a poster to explain the different ear types of animals – why are the different and why this is a benefit to them.


Water Xylophone (link below)



Create a wave machine (pdf below)


Craft Stick Harmonica (link below)


How to make a terrarium (link below)


Fact file an extinct desert animal


How does a cactus survive? Draw a diagram of a cactus – can you label all the parts.


Research the 5 largest deserts in the world – what is the size, location, temperature and interesting wildlife.


Desert art.


Create a desert animal – explain why its suited.



Mindful colouring


Lego (link below)



Complete a puzzle


Email your teacher about anything – a joke, a fun activity you’ve done etc.


Board game


Make your own board game.


Art Hub for Kids (link below)

Create a long ship.


Create a family tree of the Viking gods.

Bake a cake or cookies


Practise your bike ability skills


Learn to make a cup of tea


Plant a plant – look after it so it grows.


Learn how to do a chore at home.


Teach your pet a trick.

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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