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The Explorer Week 1_Friday

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Read the chapters here or read and listen to Mrs Hallett and Mrs Boulton below

Chapter 7 The Raft

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Chapter 8

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Character WAGGOLS



Covered in scratches, soot and snot Max clings tightly to his older sister. His slanted eyebrows dig deeper into his forehead as his mouth opens in a louder wail.  He refuses to run from the snake out of fear.  Sweat pours over his brown skin seeping into the many scratches and burns from the plane crash.

Despite his fear and confusion from the plane crash Max can only think about how thirsty he is and happily starts sucking the moisture from his hair after Fred suggests it.

His youthful innocence helps him tell the rest of the children what they are all trying to hide – that he is scared as he clings even tighter to his sister with his small bony fingers. Even though Max is scared he doesn’t really understand the dangers of the rainforest and often wonders off, scaring his sister and the other children who are worried about his safety. 



Fred is tall for his age which often leads to people thinking he is older than he is and then expect more from him, he quickly realises that the children think this and, although annoyed, he is frustrated by Con who quickly calls him out on why he thinks he should be the leader.  All Fred wants is to prove to his dad that he is able…

He tries to please people like his cousin and wears his school uniform and cricket jumper despite the heat in the Amazon. Fred is observant and thoughtful always asking after other people, he was the first to notise there was something wrong with the pilot and to help Max when they were running away form the snake.


Now It's Your Turn!

Go back through your notes and write about your chosen character…


ØWhat do they look like
ØWhat do they do that helps give us clues about their personality
ØWhat do they say and how do they talk that gives us more clues about their back ground and personality




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