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TTRockstars Battle!

4R vs 4J

4S vs 4BT


Family Friday Challenge From White Rose & BBC Bitesize

Worksheet - questions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Alternative worksheet ideas


Fancy a change from the usual Friday challenge?


 Have a look at the 'Decimal Extension' tasks on the 'Maths Challenge' page.


There are new challenges related to this week:

  • Comparing Decimals Extension Questions
  • Decimal Place Value Riddle Cards
  • Ordering Decimals - Olympic Worksheet
  • Ordering Decimals Extension Questions
  • Rounding Crossword Level 1
  • Rounding Crossword Level 2
  • Rounding Decimals to Nearest Whole (Tariza Puzzle)
  • Rounding the Dice - Decimals Investigation


Also have a look at the games 'Online Maths Games - Decimals' on the 'Maths Challenge' page.