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Time Problem Solving

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Below are 4 challenges that relate to time problem solving. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ALL OF THEM!

Challenge 1 is the easiest and challenge 4 is the hardest (although challenge 3 is the longest!)

I would have a look and choose the two challenges that appeal to you most.

If you want to complete them all, you can!

Here's a quick description of each one to help you choose:

Challenge 1 - Triangle puzzle - match the digital time to the time description or 12-hour to 24-hour times.

(This can be printed or you can try to match questions on the screen. We will leave some copies on the foyer of the office if you want to collect a printed copy)

Challenge 2 - Two clocks - Use your knowledge of analogue time to solve some 'missing hand' problems

Challenge 3 - Use a logical/systematic approach to see how many times 5 appears on a digital clock.

Challenge 4 - Two broken watches - one too fast, one too slow - can you work out the real time?

The solution to challenge 1 is the final page of the worksheet.