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This year the children will learn about the following:

  • North and South America
  • Maps
  • Rivers

Spring Term 1


During this topic, we will learn about the different biomes, ecosystems and climates on our planet. We will discover the key features of the biomes and which countries they fall in. We will also look in detail at specific biomes, in particular: rainforests, deserts and grasslands. In these lessons we will explore the features of the biome as well as the animal and plant life within them.

Lesson 6 - Create your own Fact file


Choose a country in South America e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and research facts about it. 

Present it in a fun and imaginative way of your choice.


Facts you could research:

- Population

- Capital city

- Language 

- Climate

- The main biome e.g. Savannah, rainforest, desert

- Animals and plants found in the country




Spring Term 2

From now until the Easter Holidays we will be comparing two countries; England and Brazil. As it is comparison and many of the children are in a position to be able to do research; we would like the children to present a fact file about the two countries.

The children can use the Power Point to point them in the right direction then build on the information it gives!

Information you could start researching:

  • Climate-  how are they different?
  • Population- how many people live in the countries and where do they live?
  • Key landmarks- both manmade and natural
  • Exports- the kind of things each country produces. e.g. food, goods etc.
  • Jobs- what kind of jobs people do in each country
  • language
  • Housing-  What they are like in each country
  • Food

Fact files could be presented as:

  • Brochures
  • Travel documentaries (Make use of those zoom backgrounds)
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube style video

We cannot wait to see what you create. Remember, take your time and create something you are proud of!

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