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For our final history topic, you are allowed to choose what you would like to learn about. Over your time in school you have studied lots of different areas of history for example: The Stone Age, Vikings, Crime and Punishment and ancient civilisations like Egypt and Greece. You have looked at historical events such as the Great Fire of London and the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the people that have changed history from kings and queens to fierce Celt warriors!

You can now take an area you are interested in and see how it has changed over time. Would you like to know about football and how it started? How the first instruments used by early humans have changed and why music is so important? Would you like to research clothing and see how it has changed over centuries? It is completely up to you!

We would like you to do your own research (make a note of where you got your information from) and create a project book. Your project needs to be at least five pages long but the information can be in whatever format you choose. We would like images, a timeline, facts and references (where you got your information from).

I have attached a planning sheet, an example I have made and our knowledge organiser with some ideas on.

Have fun researching, we can't wait to see your topic books!

World War One

If you enjoyed our Trenches topic in English this year, you might like to check out the Oak National Academy series of lessons all about the First World War. Just follow the link below and scroll down to History.

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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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