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Lesson 1

What do living things need to grow?


Living things are all around us! Plants and animals, including humans! What do living things need in order to grow though? In today's activity we're going to be thinking about what we know already...


Grab yourself a drink and find good space for exercise because we're going to kick off this new topic with an energising Joe Wicks workout! Whilst you're exercising I want you to think really carefully about what your body needs to be able to exercise and where you get that from!



Workout with Joe!


I'm sure you've had the same ideas as me... animals get their energy from food! Plants do too but they can't just pop to the shops, they have to make their own food which is a bit different from humans. I'm sure you know more than me about what animals need to grow so complete the first column of the grid below to show us what you've got. Then have a look at the next column, this is where you can ask any questions you've got about what animals need to stay healthy and we might investigate the answers later in the term!