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Classification and Habitats


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We are thinking about the features that all living things share and how we can group them into different criteria. Take a look at the Power Point to find out more!


Suggestions for activities:

  • Classify your favourite animals into different groups or habitats.
  • Design the habitat for an animal of your choice. Think about what is in it and why it is good for your animal. This can be done in any way you can imagine (drawings or models, you could even use Lego!).
  • Using classification, which household pet is designed best for your lock-down habitat?
  • On a world map, where would you find each kind of habitat?
  • On your daily exercise, find out what habitats are near you and the organisms you may find in them.
  • Create a wildlife documentary, like David Attenborough, about the creatures and organisms in your back garden. You could film this then send it to your teacher!


How to group living organisms using MRS GREN.

Use these to help you group organisms

Garden Documentary.mp4

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