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Our topic for this half term is explorers. We are looking in at the lives of explorers like Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart.
Week commencing 23rd November

Finish and then edit and improve recount of Apollo 11 mission

Look at the powerpoint and then have a go at the activities to write a question, exclamation or statement.

Week commencing 16th November

Week 11 - Mapping out the story of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. Use the picture frames to sequence the main events

Week 11 - Planning a recount of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission. Use the sheets plann out the main events of the mission. Write a caption under each box

Week 11 - Using your plan write a recount of the Apollo 11 Mission. Use the attached word mat.

Week commencing 9th November

Week 10 - Can you read the text and answer the questions in this Neil Armstrong reading comprehension

Week 10 - Write a fact file about Neil Armstrong. You can use some information from the example attached

Week 10 - What were the Apollo 11 astronauts feeling went they landed on the moon