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White Rose Maths

This week in year 1 we will be recapping some of the bigger topics that we have covered this year. As it's the last week of term, we have tried to keep the learning light touch and fun for the children.


W/c: 12th July 2021 - Odd/Even; Addition; Shape



Today we would like you to cast your memory back to looking at Odd numbers! What makes them odd? Think about pieces of numicon... what do you notice about the odd numbers? Complete the worksheet below to show your understanding of Odd numbers. Create your own Odd Todd!


How did you get on with your Odd Todd numbers yesterday? Did you spot that we are just counting in 2s but starting from 1 instead?! Today, we would like you to have a go at completing the Even Steven worksheet which tests your learning on the even numbers. If you can count in your 2 times table you'll be fine!


Today we are going to be recapping our learning on the number line method for adding and subtracting. Think carefully about where you will be starting and if you are going to be jumping forwards or backwards. There is also an additional Odd and Even sheet if you fancy!


Today is all about shape! You will need a beady eye today and careful counting as we'd like you to play the game I Spy with 2D shapes!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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