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LIVE LESSON 11am-12pm



Flash Back Four

Arithmetic test

(15 mins)

Daily Learning Live Teaching Session 11-12pm/ White Rose Video and Printed Booklet
What is a fraction? Equivalent Fractions 1 Equivalent Fractions Fractions Greater than 1 Improper to mixed numbers
Journal Question Journal Question Journal Question Journal Question  
Optional Extension Question Sheets



This week's maths - Fractions!  To start we will be reviewing our knowledge of what a fraction is, how fractions can be the same as each other - EQUIVALENT and how fractions can be greater than 1 in MIXED FRACTIONS and IMPROPER  FRACTIONS.  As this is a topic that was only touched on in year 4 we highly recommend you join the live lessons.


The link for the pre-recorded White Rose Lesson videos is:


Below you will find the Flashback 4, Journal Questions and Extension Sheets (if you would like to challenge yourself)for each day of the week.