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Starter: SumDog - play for 15 minutes!


Activity: Word problems - remember RUCSAC - Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check.

Please complete at least one column (A is Challenge 1, B is challenge 2, C is challenge 3). Spend around 45 minutes on this.


Edit: Some guidance for the difference questions (1 a, b and c on all challenges): this guidance can be applied to all questions but specifically references section A, question 1a.

The simplest way I found to do these questions was the following;

  • find half of the total (i.e half of 100 is 50)
  • find half of the difference (half of 50 is 25)
  • add 25 to 50, and subtract 25 from 50 - this will give you your two numbers (50 - 25 = 25, 50 + 25 = 75)
  • the answer to the first question would be 25 and 75. The two numbers add to make 100 and the difference between them is 50. I always find working from the halfway point is the easiest!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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