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Lesson 1

Revise classroom instructions using the Classroom instructions PowerPoint. 

Afterwards, revise opinion phrases j’aime, je n’aime pas, j’adore and je déteste using the Opinions PowerPoint

Lesson 2

Learn the words for some sports using the Sports PowerPoint.

Revise opinion phrases j’aime, je n’aime pas, j’adore and je déteste using the Opinions PowerPoint (from Lesson 1) and practice giving your opinion of each sport. 

Lesson 3

Revise the words for sports using the Sports PowerPoint (from lesson 2). 

Revise some items of clothing from the Sports clothing PowerPoint.  Learn the word pour (for) and phrases such as Pour le football je porte un maillot de football, un short, des chaussettes et des chaussures de football - For football I wear a football shirt, shorts, socks and football boots. 

Worksheet activity: Complete the sheet with sentences about opinions of three different sports and a description of what you wear in one sport.

Lesson 4

Revise the words for sports clothing using the Sports clothing PowerPoint (from Lesson 3). 

Today, you are going to learn how to say different people have and don’t have something using the verb 'avoir'. 

e.g.J’ai les cheveux noirs - I have black hair.

Work through the Avoir PowerPoint

Worksheet activity:  look at the pictures and write a sentence about each one using different parts of the verb avoir.

Lesson 5

Revise the verb avoir j’ai, tu as, il a, elle a and nous avons using the Avoir PowerPoint with the negative. 

You will also see the negative in the PowerPoint e.g. je n’ai pas de, il n’a pas de. Can you work out what this means? 

Read the Emperor’s new clothes story.  Look out for all the adjectives  in the story and note them down (e.g. magnifique, formidable). 

Worksheet activity: Complete the sentences, focusing on adjective agreements, based on language from the story. Use the support sheet if you are unsure.

Lesson 6- you will need a French dictionary for this lesson. Please skip if you do not. 

Revise the verb avoir using the Avoir PowerPoint with the negative (from lesson 5). 

Read through the Emperor’s new clothes story again (from lesson 5). 

Dictionary skills: Look at the Dictionary Skills 1 Adjectives PowerPoint.  Remember that most adjectives come after the noun they describe in French.
Worksheet activity: look up a series of adjectives in the French section (first half) of  French dictionary and note down the masculine and feminine forms of the adjective.  

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Inspire, nurture, achieve

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