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Monday - Eco Day

Eco Day!

Poster Competition

The poster competition theme for British Science Week Poster of 2021 is Innovating for the future.


Key rules:

Entrants can be teams or individuals

Entries must be one page of A4 or A3 paper.

Work must be original and created by the students – please do not use any templates.


How will entries be judged?


Content – clear, accurate and informative



Final submission date

Thursday 11th March 2021


Who do you send it to?

Miss Jenkins:


Mrs Porter:


Drop off at the office for Miss Jenkins or Mrs Porters attention.



Which Plastic Investigation

Looking at different types of plastic within your recycling. Can you identify and sort four different types of plastic in order to send any waste materials to the correct recycling centres? Use the flow chart to help!

Energy Use Investigation

How much electricity do you use at home? Throughout the day/week check your metre readings/hive/smart metre and see how much energy is being used. You may be lucky enough to have clever metres that record how much money is being spent.

Energy, let's save it!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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