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Mrs Roberts

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Hi everyone! 

I hope you had a restful half term and managed to enjoy the beautiful weather that we had. Today the weather seems to have cooled a little and I have resorted to putting a jumper on! With a bit of luck, the sun will be back soon!


What have you all been up to? 

Over the bank holiday weekend, I went up to Epsom Downs with my family. It was the perfect day to fly our kites as it was particularly windy!


We also took a walk into the woods at the top of the hill opposite the Grandstand. We don't usually venture into there but did find a fairy glade. It was great and definitely worth a visit to see all the fairy houses, that have been made, if you haven't been before. Here are some pictures that I took!



We have also taken a stroll around Banstead Woods. They have a Narnia trail there and we managed to spot Aslan, the wardrobe that the children walk through and also the Ice Queen. 


I'd love to hear about some of the things you got up to over the half term. Did you got anywhere fun that you think I should try with my children? I'd love to hear all about it and maybe share some of your pictures here too!


Keep safe!

Mrs Roberts




Friday 15th May 

Hi Year 6!


This week I have had some fun creating some Oreo bumblebees. They were so easy to  make and were delicious to eat. Have you been doing any baking at home? I have made a step-by-step video of how to make these and Mrs Farris is going to be putting it onto our school website so look out for it! 


Have a fantastic weekend and keep safe!



Tuesday 12th May 2020


Good Afternoon Year 6!


I hope you are enjoying your special 'at home' SATs Week? 


I thought this week I would introduce you to my two hamsters. Their names are Brownie and Biscuit. Can you guess which is which? They were born last November and my children got them for Christmas. They are Syrian hamsters and are both male. They lived in the same cage for the first eight weeks of their lives, but as with all male Syrian hamsters, they were then seperated as they begin to fight.


We love looking after them, topping up thier food and changing their water each day. They love to run around in their hamster balls each evening and we also have a pen that they love to run around in. 




Over the last few weeks we made a hamster obstacle course for them, which they loved! My youngest son, Finley, loves junk modelling and between him and his brother, Hugo, they made a fantastic obstacle course. Watch the video below to see how Brownie got on!


Hamster Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Did you do anything special on VE Day? My household and the rest of the families on our street stood in our driveways at 11am and observed a two minute silence and then at 4pm had afternoon tea in our front gardens. I made a huge Victoria sponge cake with added strawberries on the outside. It was a lovely afternoon.

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Hi Year 6!

I just found out that it's hedgehog awareness week this week. I though I'd just let you know so  that you can look into it if you fancy! If you want to find out more then visit


Do you have anything planned for VE Day this Friday? At home, myself and my two boys have been creating some bunting and thinking about some cakes to make. We will be joining our neighbours at 11am, on our doorsteps for a two minute silence and will then be having a tea party in our front garden at 4pm. We are looking forward to it and so are the rest of the street!

Monday 4th May (Star Wars Day!)


Hi Year 6,


I hope that you had a great week  last week and enjoyed the work set by your teachers. 

The weather was a real mixture and the rain last Tuesday was awful. I stood at my window, looking down the garden in disbelief that it was so sunny and warm just a few days before! What did you do n the rainy days? I watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone with my two boys and then we made chocolate chip flapjacks. They were absolutely delicious. I had to stop myself from eating them all!



Have you been doing any arts and crafts whilst being at home?I saw that lots of people were taking imprints of hands from their family using salt dough, paining them and planning to keep it as a reminder of the Covid 19 lockdown. Have you made one of these? I'd love to  see it if you have. Email me a picture of it! Here is the one I made for my family.

Have a fabulous week and take care,


Mrs Roberts

Monday 27th April 2020


Good Morning Year 6!


I hope you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather over the weekend.


I have been out and about in the garden and went on a family bike ride as part of our daily exercise. Have you noticed how many more bikes appear to be on the roads and pavements recently? I think a lot of people are digging them out of their garages and finding that cycling is a fun way to exercise.

I haven't ridden a bicycle in years and didn't even own a bike, but I was lucky enough to have a friend who had a spare one that she's given me. I'm having so much fun going out as a family!







This weekend we dug out a Booms, Bangs and Fizzes science set. I had great fun with my family, creating a rocket and my two boys were very excited to create some pressure so that it zoomed off into the sky! We had great fun, although at one point it did end up in our neighbours garden!


I've also been doing lots of cooking since we've been away from school. Are you trying out anything new at home or learning a new hobby? My son, Hugo, is learning how to play the guitar, so after his Zoom lesson with his guitar teacher, I then ask him to teach me. I'm not very good at it, but I'm not giving up! I may need to ask Mr Harverson to help me get up to speed when we return to school!


I'd love to hear about some of the things you have been doing.

Take care,


Mrs Roberts

Hi Year 6,


I hope you are all well and enjoyed your Easter break? How many of you participated in an Easter egg hunt at home? The Easter bunny visited our house and left lots of chocolate scattered around each room. My family and I had a lot of fun finding and eating it! We have also become quite partial to the odd pancake at the weekend too!



We have been so lucky with the weather so far and I have been outside enjoying the sunshine with my two children. Lots of my plants have begun to flower and my garden is becoming a little more colourful. Here is a picture of my wisteria flowering. I wish I had smellovision so that you could smell it!

I hope you have been enjoying the work that the teachers have been setting for you? Has it been keeping you busy? I have been at home with my children too, so I have been busy teaching them. They are in Reception and Year 3, so it's a little different to teaching Year 6!


We have found it very difficult to stop eating all the time! Have you and your families had the same problem? We have introduced a tuck shop in our house. Each of my children have some money from our play till each day, usually £1. We have tuck shop time at 10.30am and then again at 3pm. They are allowed to spend their money at these times and apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, these are the only times we are allowed to eat. You will notice that fruit and veg is cheaper than unhealthy choices so it encourages them to eat healthier! Water, of course, is free and can be consumed at any time throughout the day. Did you know that sometimes you may think you are hungry when you are actually thirstly instead? 

What other activities have you been up to apart from the work set by your teachers? I'd love to hear about some of the things you've been up to! Here are some ideas of activities you could do which still count as learning!

That's all from me for now, but I really hope to hear from you soon. My email  address is if you'd like to email me or show me some of the work or activities you have been up to. 


Stay safe!


Mrs Roberts

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