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Online Learning

Welcome Year 5!

We will continue to upload activities that you can access at home weekly.

There will be maths & English activities as well as some Topic Work or science to do as well.

Remember the beauty of home learning is that you can do YOUR learning in YOUR own time, at YOUR own pace - you can create your own routines to fit in with the rest of your family. 

If you would like more structure, here is a timetable that you can use or adapt to suit you.




9-9:30 9:30-0:30 10:30-11 11-12 12-1 Afternoon

Joe Wicks Daily P.E. Lesson



or Gym Run


or your own ACTIVE wake-up routine!


Have a look in the English folder, there are:

* Reading Comprehensions

* Writing Tasks

* Grammar

* Spellings



Step away from your work station and get some fresh air if you can.


Daily Tasks on the maths pages.


Remember to warm up with Fluent in Five and challenge your self appropriately.




Reading for Pleasure -

let us know what you're enjoying and send recommendations.


Pick a  foundation/topic/science 

activity from the website


or choose an activity of your own to do as a family!

Things to Remember
  • Read as much as you can!
  • Send us your spelling scores each week.
  • Send us your 144 scores each week.
  • Don't forget to check out sumdog, TT Rock Starz, Spelling Shed,
  • Please keep us updated with anything you do and feel free to send in photos of things you are proud of.
  • All your teachers are more than happy to answer any questions.


Orchestra Concert

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Still image for this video

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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