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Other Activites

Other ideas for home learning:


  • Build a den - what materials and objects can you find around your home to make a cosy den?
  • Draw or paint a picture of your family/something you have been doing today.
  • Bake something with someone at home - can you help to weigh out the ingredients?
  • Can you go on a shape hunt around your home? What 2D and 3D shapes can you find?
  • Play board games with someone at home. 
  • Have a tea party with your favourite teddies. 
  • Watch Numberblocks on CBeebies!
  • Go on a walk and think about your senses. What can you smell, hear, see, touch and taste?
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle. 
  • Can you put your teddies in size order?
  • Go on an Easter egg hunt. 
  • Draw a picture / write a letter and send it to someone you know.
  • Can you write a sentence describing what you have done today?
  • Can you build a Lego house or tower?
  • Read relax and read a little bit more!
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Do you want to spread some positivity?


Around the country children have been painting rainbows and displaying them in their windows at home for other people to see when walking past. If you want to join in with spreading positivity to others then these are the things you can draw/paint each week to display in your window. 

Picture 1
Picture 2