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The Greville Primary School

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Use this part of the website to give you ideas for keeping active during lockdown!


Joe Wicks will be doing live home workouts at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! These are amazing as a start to the day and really do leave you feeling energised! If you miss a workout - don't worry, they can all be found on his YouTube channel:


Chance to Shine, in partnership with Surrey County Cricket Club will be running a number of live coaching sessions over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes on their twitter to stay up to date with when these will be:


For some online video lessons and good ideas, follow this link:


If you want some home-friendly games and active ideas, take a look here:


The Youth Sports Trust website has some amazingly fun activities to complete, as well as a second link which has short activities!


For an active twist on Monopoly - try playing Activopoly! 


We were lucky enough to be visited by Mike from Gymrun and members of team Dan the Skipping Man earlier this year, and they have some great resources to help you keep active on their YouTube channels. You can find them here:


Dan the Skipping Man:

I hope some of you can master some new skipping tricks!


Challenge yourself to a run! Gymrun have released the following levels for short runs - see if your run matches your badge colour, or even better it! Try to build up the amount you can do in one go - remember, it is not about speed.


We are very lucky in this area to have so many areas of natural beauty. Try to explore your local countryside by going on runs, walks or cycle rides if you have a chance! My favourite areas are Ashtead Common (so many different parts and paths to explore), Epsom Downs (an amazing open space, and on a good day you can see London!), Langley Vale Centenary Wood (these link to World War 1) and Mickelham Downs, which you can access via Crampshaw Woods in Ashtead!


Here you will find an 'active calendar' for February! See if you can complete the challenges each day and record gold medal times! The January calendar is also still here in case you want an extra challenge on each day!

If you want a bit of a challenge, try to complete this challenge card!

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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