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The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

Spring term

Week 1 - Geography front cover

Week 2 - Research a Mountain

Week 3 - Writing in the past progressive

Week 4 - Writing about a Tongo Lizard

Week 5 - Reading Bingo

Week 6 and Week 7 - Mountains and Volcanoes project

Week 8 - Digestive system research

We have asked the children to research an element of the digestive system that interests them. It may be how food is digested, why we chew food, the effect of different food groups on our bodies etc. Children could create a poster or fact file to show their findings.

Week 9 - Revision websites

Week 10 - What to do...

This week, we would like you to design an advert for something in your house which is old, forgotten or not worth a lot such as an old piece of furniture, a battered toy, food containers or food past their sell-by-date.

Your advert should make this item sound really attractive e.g. don't call it 'old and battered', but describe it as 'well-worn and much-loved'!

Think about it's unique selling point and try to add in as many fun details as you can.

Week 11 - Audition pieces

Week 12 - Revision Packs

We have sent children home with revision packs for the Easter holiday. We highly recommend the children do a little practice over the break so that they don't forget all their hard work and learning this year.

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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