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The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

Strategic Intent


Developing ‘The Greville family’

Our Ofsted report from October 2019 states “There is a strong sense of community across the school, with staff and parents working together as part of the ‘The Greville family’ for the benefit of all pupils.” Our strategic intent is to develop and sustain the attitudes, relationships and processes that form the Greville family.


The Greville is about experiencing and participating in a range of different skills and resources to stretch and develop each child. We have acknowledged strengths in music, sport and performance. We intend to develop these strengths as they support resilience, communication skills and teamworking. This will help Greville children succeed and thrive at secondary school, confident in accessing the curriculum and wider opportunities.


We intend to develop and sustain the enrichment curriculum at The Greville. We will nurture and encourage our rich variety of clubs and our teaching ethos where the child’s voice is truly heard. Visitors talk warmly of the children’s openness, confidence and happiness which are founded on the broad range of experiences they encounter at The Greville.


Improving progress in attainment

While our children’s attainment level is high  we intend to improve the progress they make between joining and leaving the school. 60 new children join Year 3 so we need to carefully track these children, along with the 60 Greville children in Year 3, as they move through the juniors. 


Our School Development Plan will improve measurement of the effectiveness of teaching by measuring children’s ability to recall specific learning at regular intervals through the school year, and we will continue to close the attainment gap for disadvantaged children.


Supporting mental health and wellbeing

We intend to increase our focus on mental health and wellbeing for staff and children, as the pandemic has highlighted their importance. Emotionally secure teachers tend to foster the type of behaviours and language children need for their development. Children who are excessively worried or insecure lack a stable cognitive platform to absorb learning.


Caring for the environment

We intend to develop a programme to improve our environmental sustainability. This will address the school’s use of energy, materials, purchasing, transport, water and grounds. The programme will educate children in environmental responsibility and give them confidence that their environment will be sustainable in the future.

The Greville Primary School

Inspire, nurture, achieve

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