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Summer Term Week 1 - 20/4/2020

Welcome Back!

We're now in the Summer Term, we hope you had a great Easter and did lots of reading and relaxing. This week we are going to use the Disney Pixar Short 'LIFTED' to inspire our writing.

Don't forget to practise your weekly SPELLINGS and to send your score to your class teacher.

Below is a timetable for how we suggest you spread your learning through the week.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Spelling Test


'Collect' new spellings from link below.


Reading Comprehension

Watch the clip 'Lifted' using the link below.

Think about how the clip makes you feel using the emotions graph. You could also use emojis to show this!

Decide whether you want to tell the story of what happens in the clip (describe)


If you want to make up your own alien invasion or science fiction story.

Read, highlight and explore the WAGOLL that relates to what you want to write.

This is the time to plan your piece of writing.

If you are retelling, you need to watch the clip again, use the pictures to help you plan your writing.

If you are coming up with your own story, use the images and word mat to help you plan your own story. 

Use the story mountain to set out a build up, problem and resolution.

Start writing your retelling or your alien story.

Look carefully at the success criteria to be sure you include all the key elements in your writing.

Pace yourself - you don't need to write it all in one day!

Aim to finish your opening and start your build up today.



Carry on with your writing today. 

Remember to use the WAGOLL if you're stuck for ideas.

Don't forget to describe reactions and feelings -

 think about your reader!




Test on these words from last week:
These are your new spellings:

Lifted - Use this Powerpoint to support you in planning and writing this week.


Still image for this video

Tuesday - Looking at WAGOLLs (example texts)

Use these to help you decide which text you would like to write - to retell the story in the clip OR your own alien invasion story.

For your chosen text, read carefully and:

  • Highlight words, phrases or sentences that you like/you think are effective
  • Annotate the structure - what is each paragraph about? How does it open? What's the problem? What's the resolution?
  • Highlight examples of description, feelings and reactions

Wednesday - Planning your writing

Some images to inspire your own story...

Thursday - Starting Writing

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