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Summer Term Week 12 - 13/07/2020


Tuesday and





Finding out about your new school


Create a poster about your new school.


Your secondary school will want to know all about you. Plan and write a letter to introduce yourself and let your new school find out all about you.


Planning how you will get to school – find out how you’ll get to school and plan the safest route.


Organisation – How will you organise yourself for school and be prepared? Come up with a plan.

Hi Everyone,

This week your English work will be based around your transition to high school. We will be thinking about some of the concerns you might have and also think more deeply about how you might deal with different scenarios.



Today we want you to do a bit of research about your new school. Go through the PowerPoint and talk through he scenarios with someone at home. Then, have a go at creating a poster all about your new school.

Tuesday and Wednesday

It’s now all about you! Go through the PowerPoint and then plan and write a letter to your high school letting them know all about you!


How are you planning on travelling to school? Go through the PowerPoint and then carefully plan your route.


Find out about Lottie and all the new responsibilities that she has. Go through the PowerPoint and complete Lottie's activities.